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Their day job is to run the Typically Swiss Hotels of Krone in Thun, Hotel Schützen in Steffisburg and Hotel Schönbühl in Hilterfingen. But after working together to save this vineyard, the three hotel managers from Lake Thun found a new lease of life.

Stampbach vineyard, Sigriswil

Idyllic and tranquil on Lake Thun, with views of the spectacular Bernese Alps. Here, tradition and regionalism are writ large.


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Bern Region
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Light at the end of the tunnel. Working together rather than against each other.


Story of the Stampbach vineyard.

The Stampbach vineyard cooperative has put its heart and soul into running the Stampbach vineyard between Gunten and Merligen since 1984 The owners were on the hunt for a succession plan for many years and this proved to be more difficult than expected. Now, three hotel managers in the Thunersee Region have joined forces to acquire and run the Stampbacher vineyard. 

  • 31 Aren At 31 Aren and protected by a steep mountainside, the small vineyard arcs towards the south all the way to Lake Thun.
  • 3 grape varieties Blauburgunder, Regent and Riesling-Sylvaner thrive here, though all but a few old vines initially needed replacement.
  • 600m above sea level The vineyard is situated at around 570m to 600m above sea level, between Gunten and Merlingen in the municipality of Sigriswil.

Achieving more together.

Young enough to not see others as competition, three innovative hotel managers enjoy this unique opportunity to  manage the vineyard and produce their own wine under the expert guidance of Erich Andrey. Project Stampbach vineyard is born.


From the vine to the bottle. A handful of pleasure.


The wine whisperer

As the son of a winegrowing family, 66-year-old Erich Andrey has spent his whole life amongst the vines. He handed over his flagship business in Ligerz on Lake Biel to his sons. The challenge to act as a wine consultant for the Stampbach vineyard therefore came at a very opportune time.

Erich Andrey, winegrower & consultant

Nature is calling

Under the supervision of the expert, around 100 employees and trainees from the three hotels come to the vineyard over Lake Thun several times each month. In January, the shoots are cut back and in spring, they sprout and grow so fast that it is hard to keep up with tying them to guide them as they grow upwards. In summer, the grapes are sorted, withered leaves removed and grass cut regularly. Nature keeps everyone on their toes. Always on call with three active hotel businesses – easy this is not 


“We knew the theory, but learned the hard way that nature is not exactly predictable.” 

Chris Rosser, Director and co-initiator