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85 Results found
85 Results found
  • Lake Cauma

    Swimming, relaxing and sunbathing: It is not surprising that the name 'See der Mittagsruhe’ cannot be translated easily (approximation: “Lake of mid-day rest”). Not only water lovers consider the idyllic landscape around Lake Cauma to be a paradise.
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  • Lake Arnen

    Lake Arnen is known as the “Pearl of the Saanenland”. The name suits: framed by the wild woods of the Tschärzis valley, the lake sparkles like a piece of jewellery.
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  • Lauerz

    Nestled between the Rigi and the Grosser and Kleiner Mythen mountains in the canton of Schwyz lies Lake Lauerz and its pleasure island of Schwanau that is about 200m long.
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  • Lake Bannalp

    Idyllic Lake Bannalp lies above the Engelberg Valley. The alp of the same name can be reached by cable car from Oberrickenbach and is irresistible to summiteers, families with children and people searching for relaxation.
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  • Uster

    The Greifensee is a pearl in the heavily built-up Glatt valley. This small lake, which has a water expanse of just under 9 square kilometres, and its shore areas of diverse flora and fauna are a favourite excursion destination for people from the conurbation of Zurich city.
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  • Beinwil am See

    The idyllic hilly countryside around the lake, the medieval castle of Hallwyl with its heritage exhibitions, and the romantic boat trips round the lake make Lake Hallwil and the nearby Seetal valley a small but popular tourist area.
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  • Reuss

    The Reuss is Central Switzerland’s quintessential river. Starting in the Gotthard region, it steadily flows northward, through Lake Lucerne, and after 160 kiliometers it ultimately flows near Windisch into the Aare River.
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  • Walensee

    Lake Walen (Walensee) in eastern Switzerland links the two cantons of St. Gallen and Glarus and forms the western end of the holiday region known as “Heidiland”, after Johanna Spyri’s world-famous Heidi story. On the northern side, the Churfirsten mountain chain rises nearly vertically out of the water. On the other side of the lake is the popular winter sports and hiking region of the Flumserberg.
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  • La Brévine

    Half an hour from La Chaux-de-Fonds, and set in the La Brévine Valley, Lake Taillères keeps to the rhythm of the seasons. In winter the idyllic lake turns into a frozen ice-skating Eldorado.
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  • Lake Thun

    Embedded within an imposing backdrop of mountains, the deeply-blue Lake Thun lies on the northern periphery of the Alps, between the Bernese Oberland towns of Thun and Interlaken. Lake Thun is especially popular amongst sailors and windsurfers who appreciate the prevailing light breeze. Numerous swimming and shore areas invite visitors to cool off.
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  • Lake Neuchâtel

    The Lac de Neuchâtel lies at the southern foot of the Jura mountains. The northern shore of the lake is characterised by vineyard landscapes, the southern shore by the largest marshland and bird paradise in Switzerland. Boat cruise enthusiasts can experience all three lakes at the periphery of the Jura – lakes Biel, Murten and Lac de Neuchâtel – on a leisurely, four-hour cruise.
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  • Lake Biel/Bienne

    Lake Biel/Bienne in the Jura & Three-Lakes area of Switzerland is situated on the border between the French and German speaking parts. It borders the southern edge of the Jura, where the slopes are used for intensive cultivation of vines.
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  • Trin

    The Crestasee offers an astounding experience of authenticity and natural serenity. The blue-green waters are surrounded by luxuriant vegetation on the shores, and a deep green crown of trees. This is indeed a fairy-tale view!
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  • Golzernsee

    The Golzernsee lake is located in the rugged Maderaner Valley and beckons for a refreshing dip in the water when the weather is warm.
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  • Schwarzsee

    The vacation region around the Black Lake and in the Eastern Freiburg Pre-Alps (Voralpen) is well-known for its authenticity and its wild, romantic natural landscape, which includes the dark appearance of the Black Lake and the Brecca Abyss, an Alpine valley formed by glaciers.
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  • Blausee - Romantic Forest Lake, replete with Trout

    The eyes of the beautiful maiden who died of a broken heart were deep blue. The Blue Lake is also deep blue, in eternal memory of the love of the maiden, which persists beyond death. The small Blausee, steeped in legend, is located in the midst of a small nature park.
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  • Lake Aegeri

    Lake Ägeri is nestled in a hilly moraine landscape and offers a wide range of hiking, mountain biking and water sports activities. Its shores were the site of the famous Battle of Morgarten in 1315, the first battle between the Confederates and the Habsburgs.
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  • Lake Lucerne

    Encircled by popular excursion mountains, Lake Lucerne is the lake with the greatest scenic variety in the country. It is somewhat reminiscent of a fjord landscape, yet remains characterised by a mild lake climate. Boat cruises on board five historic paddle wheel steamers and 15 elegant salon motor vessels count among the highlights of this region.
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  • Thur

    The Thur is Eastern Switzerland’s predominant river. Coming from Toggenburg, the river flows in a large arc beside the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau and parts of the Canton of Zürich.
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  • St. Peter's Island

    “... nowhere have I felt so truly happy as on St. Peter's Island in the middle of Lake Biel,” wrote Jean-Jacques Rousseau shortly before his death, wistfully recalling his all too short stay on the island in the autumn of 1765.
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  • Lake Sarnen

    Lake Sarnen occupies 7.5 square kilometers in the beautiful landscape between Sarnen (a major town in the region of Obwald) and the ascent to the Brünig Pass.
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  • Lake Sils

    Though there are many mountain lakes at higher altitudes, Lake Sils is the only one with daily scheduled passenger boats in summer that carry tourists and hikers from Sils Maria to Maloja via Chastè, Plaun da Lej and Isola. This is Europe's highest passenger boat service.
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  • Brissago Island

    The mild climate at Lago Maggiore is unique in Switzerland, and enables subtropical plants to flourish in the open air on Isola Grande, the large island. The Botanical Gardens of the Canton of Ticino house around 1,700 plant species.
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  • Lac de Joux

    Lac de Joux in the Vaud Jura is located at 1,000 metres in the valley of the same name (Vallée de Joux). The stark beauty and unspoilt nature of the high valley and the lake attract countless visitors all year round; in summer mainly for water sports, biking and hiking and in winter for ice-skating and cross-country skiing.
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