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57 Results found
57 Results found
  • Eggishorn – Aletsch Glacier

    A piece of Unesco World Heritage close enough to touch, with the 23 kilometer-long "Jungfrau-Aletsch" directly in front of your eyes and stunning views that invite you to stay and ponder.
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  • Weissenstein

    Solothurn's local mountain in the first and highest Jura chain is a real hikers' paradise with impressive views into the far distance.
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  • Pass Lunghin

    On the Lunghin Pass, there is a quite remarkable feature to be seen: Europe’s only three-way water divide is situated at precisely the pass height.
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  • Muottas Muragl

    The entire Upper Engadine region lies at your feet when you are perched on the hiking mountain high above the Inn River Valley. The breathtaking views of the four lakes and the world-famous resort town of St. Moritz extend far beyond the mountain ranges into the distant horizon.
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  • Zugerberg

    In just eight minutes, the new, wheelchair-accessible funicular glides from Schönegg up to Zug’s local mountain.
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  • Susten Pass

    The Susten Pass links the Reuss Valley at the foot of the Gotthard Mountain with the Hasli Valley in the Bernese Oberland, and the village of Wassen in Canton Uri with Innertkirchen in Canton Bern. The Susten Pass road was only opened in 1945 and is the first pass road to be purpose-built for vehicular traffic.
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  • Titlis

    The excursion up Titlis is a real treat. The gondola TITLIS Xpress leads up to the intermediate station. Then TITLIS Rotair, the World’s first revolving aerial cableway, continues all the way to the top.
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  • Niesen

    The near-perfect pyramid shape of this mountain has inspired many an artist to depict it, including Ferdinand Hodler (1909), Paul Klee (1915) and Cuno Amiet (1926). It takes just 30 minutes to reach the 2,362m summit of the pyramid on the funicular railways from Mülenen.
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  • Sareis – Liechtenstein's mountain

    The Sareis mountain ridge lies 400 meters above the village, with a chairlift taking you there to where a mountain restaurant and scenic hikes into Liechtenstein country attract outdoor lovers; including the Fürstin-Gina trail.
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  • Marbachegg – unexpected views

    Located on the north side of the Schrattenfluh limestone mountains in the canton of Lucerne, Marbachegg is almost part of the Emmental valley: one of the best Emmental cheeses is made here.  Marbachegg is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.
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  • Niederhorn – three-star views

    Perfect postcard views from the boat – and a stop-off on the Beatenberg sun terrace above Lake Thun. The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau also present themselves on the way to the Gemmenalphorn, and you catch a glimpse of ibex as well.
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  • Dent de Nendaz – Tracouet

    The Rhone Valley at your feet, 2000 meters below, and impressive views from up here as you gaze down upon the seemingly miniature railway and cars journeying on the motorway. A genuine vantage point at the heart of Valais!
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  • Les Pléiades

    From Vevey a cog railway runs via Blonay to the vantage point with open-air exhibition of our solar system and the universe. And in spring the surrounding fields are chockablock full of daffodils.
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  • Pizol

    Pizol Alp looms at a height of 2,844 meters at the entrance of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, between Bad Ragaz and Wangs. The hiking and skiing region near the peak, with its variety of offerings, boasts a fantastic and sweeping view across Lake Constance.
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  • Grand Muveran

    At Grand Muveran, visitors may chance upon wildlife. Chamois and ibex in particular love this secluded area, which delights all visitors who love scenic wilderness and mountains.
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  • Le Mont-Pèlerin

    Views from 700 meters above Lake Geneva following a funicular rail ride from Vevey via the Chardonne vineyards, then on foot and with the lift up the television tower.
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  • Säntis-Schwägalp

    To see Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy all at the same time - this can be accomplished from the 2,502-meter-high Säntis. The highest mountain of the Alpstein region is the starting point and destination for mountain tours, hikes and ski trips.
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  • Kreuzboden-Hohsaas – mountains

    Gondola rail conquers as much as a 840-meter climb to Kreuzboden, and a further 750 meters to the Hohsaas. And naturally far-reaching views over the Saas glacier world couldn’t be better!
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  • Trub i.E.

    The Napf peak at an altitude of 1406m is the highest peak between Emmental and Entlebuch. There is no road or railway access to the summit. The cosy summit inn can be reached on foot or by mountain bike.
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  • Grosser Mythen

    The early days of Switzerland right at the heart of the country: The Grosse Mythen mountain with its breathtaking alpine panorama and a spectacular ride in the Rotenflue gondola above Schwyz.
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  • Buttes La Robella

    Trains travels every hour from Neuchâtel through the Val de Travers valley to Buttes. Followed by chairlift rides up to Robella, the mountain of adventure behind Vaud’s Chasseron.
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