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  • Villa Langmatt Park

    Villa Langmatt Park is a total work of art and is the perfect refuge for a romantic picnic. Order, in advance, a basket of gourmet delicacies including the traditional Spanischbrödli.
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  • Langmatt Museum

    The Villa Langmatt, built in 1900 by Karl Moser, is a legacy of the industrialist and collector family of Sidney and Jenny Brown-Sulzer, co-founding family of Brown, Boveri & Cie., now ABB, and now serves as an impressionist and living history museum.
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  • Kurpark

    The park around the Grand Casino Baden is home to ancient trees and constitutes a green oasis in the centre of town.
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  • Villa Boveri Park

    The Villa Boveri, built 1895 - 1897, was the Baden residence of the family of Walter Boveri, co-founder of Brown Boveri & Cie. Both house and park are a veritable treasure and are under monument protection.
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