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  • Thurauen nature center

    The gateway to the largest floodplain in Central Switzerland, the Thurauen between Eggrank and the mouth of the River Thur. But it’s not size alone that makes this a unique area, instead the diverse flora and fauna and revitalization in addition.
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  • Zürich West - from industrial to trend-setting district

    In the last 10 years the industrial wasteland to the west of Zurich has grown into a new bright lights district: The blue-green shimmering Prime Tower, the University of Arts on the Toni-Areal and newly awakened life beneath the arched viaducts. And the nicest way to view all this and the constantly made changes is on foot or by bicycle.
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  • Eulach tour

    Although Winterthur is also referred to as the Eulachstadt, little can be seen of the city's stream. For the most part the Eulach stream was banished underground - this is exactly where our tour takes you. Does our drinking water also come from the Eulach? Here you will find out.
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  • Atzmännig Rope Park

    The Atzmännig Rope Park offers fun and thrills in lofty height. Eight routes (Parcours) with various levels of difficulty require dexterity and coordination.
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  • From Sewage to Clean Water

    See how the experts from ERZ (Zurich Disposal and Recycling Services) cleanse between 150,000 and 500,000 cubic meters of sewage water and where it’s released back into the Limmat River as clean water.
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  • Zurich Toy Museum

    The Zurich Toy Museum is located in one of the oldest corners of the Old Town. This toy collection with its miniature railways, toy soldiers and dolls provides an insight into how our great-grandparents played.
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  • Enea Tree Museum

    Just a stone’s throw away from upper Lake Zurich, the 75,000 square-meter park of the tree museum welcomes you to stroll, see and enjoy. It’s here that the landscape architect Enzo Enea brought his passion to life: In an open-air museum with over 50 trees lovingly nurtured together with a feel for space and nature’s natural works of art. Since 2013 the exhibits include contemporary sculptures of well-known artists. These works of art create a subtle dialogue with the gardens and broaden the overall allure of Enea’s landscape design concept. The current exhibition includes sculptures by Jaume Plensa, Barry Flanagan, Richard Erdman, Jörg Immendorff.
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