Bicycle tours through a vineyard

35 Results found

35 Results found
35 Results found
  • Jurasüdfuss-Route, 3/5

    From Yverdon through the Plaine de l’Orbe. Roman mosaics lie buried on the slopes, the Romanesque Abbey Church sits serenely in Romainmôtier, barely accessible the natural paradise of Marais de la Versoix, before sudden arrival in the metropolis of Genève.
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  • Rhone Route, 6/8

    Lac Léman, a small silver sea surrounded by snowy summits and vineyards, e.g. UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux. Along the shores: Vevey, Montreux, and the metropolis of Lausanne, «Olympia City» and nerve centre of the people of Vaud
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  • Tour du Mont Pélerin

    Atypical bike itinerary on which you will behold the Lavaux terraced vineyards and the more hilly countryside just inland. Interesting discovery of small roads leading through fields and forests.
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  • Rhone Route, 7/8

    Above the terraced La Côte vineyards, below on the lake the market towns of Morges, Rolle, Nyon. Open shore becomes rarer, villas and yachts larger, soon cosmopolitan Geneva greets us with boulevards and its 140m-high water fountain «Jet d'eau».
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  • Boucle de la Plaine de l'Orbe

    This itinerary along the Orbe plain and the Jura foothills offers the opportunity to have a break in a bucolic setting between vintners' villages and charming hamlets with the extraordinary panorama of the Alps in the background.
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  • North-South Route, 8/8

    Picture-postcard beauty of the blue Lago di Lugano, for thousands a fervent holiday dream, Morcote for photos. The Mendrisiotto, the richest vineyard region of Ticino with its enogastronomic offers, is located in the most southern part of Switzerland.
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  • Chemin du Vignoble, 1/2

    An energetic up and down on a steep sun-kissed southern slope, through well-tended vineyards, small wine villages and historic spots such as Saillon with the mini-vineyard of forger Farinet and Chamoson, with the octagonal tower of St-Pierre-de-Clages.
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  • Jurasüdfuss-Route

    Through romantic old towns and vineyards, passing lakeside bathing beaches at the foot of the Jura. The Grandson fortress, Roman mosaics at Orbe, Romanesque monastery at Romainmôtier on the path to the cultural diversity of Genève.
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  • Kartäuser-Fürstenland-Route, 1/2

    From the tourist attractions at Stein am Rhein to Zurich wine country, where asparagus and hops grow alongside vines and wheat. The Ittigen Charterhouse, a former Augustine Monastery is an invitation to stop. On through fields and orchards from Frauenfeld to Wil.
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  • Ostschweizer Wein-Route

    From Schaffhausen through Zurich’s wine country and the vineyard-lined Thur plain to Weinfelden. The Carthusian Monastery in Ittingen and Bischofszell lie along the way. The green Fürstenland finally ends in the industrial corridor of Gossau-St.Gallen.
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  • Tour du Léman

    On their tour around the lake of Geneva, cyclists will be rewarded for their efforts by the stunningly beautiful landscapes. 200 km of marked trails lead through 5 regions in 2 countries: Geneva, Pays de Gex, the cantons of Vaud and Valais, as well as the Chablais Haut-Savoyard.
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  • Genève–Satigny

    After an urban promenade under sycamore trees, the cycle tour leads through parkland and a wooded landscape without it being obvious that this is the canton's most industrialized district. The route continues to Geneva’s wine-growing regions at the foot of the French Jura.
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  • Gros de Vaud–La Côte, 2/2

    A countryside with streams flowing in deep clefts taxes the calves, castles, medieval towns and the silver sea of Lac Léman lighten the spirits, the juice of sun-kissed grapes and Malakoff cheese specialities pamper the palate.
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  • Kartäuser-Fürstenland-Route

    Passing timber-framed houses of Zurich’s wine country, on past the idyllic Nussbaumer Seen (lakes) and the Kartause in Ittingen, through rolling hills to Wil and on to St. Gallen with its venerable Stift Library and finally ending at the silvery Bodensee.
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  • Tour du Léman, 1/4

    The picturesque village of Hermance is followed by the beautiful Geneva countryside. Cologny has spectacular views of Geneva's lake basin with its fountain, which you reach before the crossing over the Petit-lac. The world's smallest metropolis boasts a wealth of delights to discover.
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  • Herzroute, 1/13

    The first stage of the Heart Route leads from Lausanne to Romont. The 50-kilometer route is the perfect introduction to E-Bike adventures.
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  • Rhone Route, 4/8

    The capital Sion shows its historic castles, churches and mansions. The lower Rhonetal is dominated by the high-alpine scenery of the Dents du Midi. A world of fertile fruit orchards and vineyards.
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  • Chemin du Vignoble, 2/2

    French-style joie-de vivre in Sion, the quaint main town, back-breaking work in the hot, steep vineyard slopes, perspiring round bends on tiny, boiling-hot mountain roads, your reward a wine-tasting session to tickle the taste buds and refresh the palate.
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  • Tour du Léman, 2/4

    The route runs along the lake shore, passing stately buildings and well-kept public beaches. It then leads up through idyllic countryside, across fields and through charming villages, a route with vineyards above and the lake below. Cycling via Nyon and Rolle, you reach Morges.
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  • Ostschweizer Wein-Route, 1/2

    A rural tour: thundering Rhine Falls, quaint timber-framed houses in wine country, the silver eye of the tiny Husemersee lake and the serenity of the Kartause Ittingen (Carthusian Monastery), the wide plain of the seemingly harmless Thur and the warm vineyards of Ottenberg.
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  • Klettgauer Wein-Route

    This route leads through the midst of Blauburgunderland, the winegrowing region of Schaffhausen. Discover Schaffhausen's winegrowing history in the picturesque winegrowing villages.
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  • Les collines de la Broye

    This marked itinerary crosses the beautiful Broye valley and leads along its lakes. Visitors will discover historical sites such as Payerne and its Romanesque abbey church, Avenches and its Roman vestiges, not to mention the medieval town Estavayer-le-Lac.
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  • Hegau-Route

    This cross-border route takes you through the diverse Reiat, past Hemishofen and back to the Munot town, Schaffhausen. The focus of this route is one of Europe's most scenic countrysides along the Rhine.
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  • Rhone Route

    The Rhone Route runs through the magnificent mountain scenery of the Valais on charming, quiet paths along the Rhone. It leads along the famous palm-lined promenades of Lac Léman and the picturesque Lavaux vineyards and ends at cosmopolitan Genève.
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  • Ostschweizer Wein-Route, 2/2

    A brisk pedal in the green Thur water meadows, the neat old town of Bischofszell, quiet green plateaus in Liechtenstein with deep gashes carved out by streams, a sober awakening in the industrial corridor between Gossau and the monastery city of St. Gallen.
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  • Chemin du Vignoble

    A trip through the most uniform wine region in the Valais, a vigorous up and down along the sun-drenched north flank of the main valley, through carefully cultivated vineyards, historic locations and small wine producing villages that offer wine tasting.
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  • Tour du Lac de Morat

    The tour begins in the medieval Zähringer town of Murten with its historic Old Town of national importance and numerous arcades. The wall encircling the town was built between the 13th and 17th centuries and is one of the best-preserved fortifications in Switzerland.
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  • Tour du Léman, 3/4

    After the Olympic capital of Lausanne, the route leads uphill into the terraced vineyards of Lauvaux. A bracing section but one rewarded by the wonderful surroundings of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Then follows the descent to Vevey, Montreux and the romantic Schloss Chillon.
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  • Nord Vaudois–Jura, 3/3

    From wheat country to wine country, the climb continues to the Tête de Ran (1329 m), panorama from Lac Lèman to the Glarner Alps. Then down to the Jura high valley to La Chaux-de-Fonds, with its 19th century geometric layout.
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  • Gros de Vaud–La Côte

    From Payerne following the slow-flowing Broye, through wide rolling countryside, the granary of western Switzerland. To the west of the Venoge, carefully-tended vineyards lace a pleasing pattern in the landscape, a refreshing white wine thrives in La Côte.
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