Winter hiking

146 Results found

146 Results found
146 Results found
  • Arlenwald-Winterwanderweg

    A versatile excursion for the whole family: silence will await the hikers between the spruces, action can be found afterwards in the skiing region and the conclusive visit of the local history museum will be informative – always accompanied by the impressive panorama.
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  • Chemin de Frience–Solalex–Cergnement

    The winter walk between Frience, Solalex and Cergnement runs along a panoramic balcony facing the impressive Miroir de l’Argentine, taking you though two remote valleys and along the spectacular Anzeindaz river.
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  • Panoramaweg Niederhorn–Waldegg

    Above Lake Thun, a continuous downhill trail from Mount Niederhorn to the hamlet of Waldegg. The combination of snow-covered mountains and views of Lake Thun is unparalleled. Enchanting vistas await you at 1950 metres above sea level.
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  • Zügenhüttli-Weg

    The well-maintained winter hiking route from the Saaseralp to the Zügenhüttli runs high up on Klosters’ sun-kissed local mountain, spectacular views over the Silvretta glacier before returning to Klosters.
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  • Panoramaweg Rigidalalp

    On the Ristis – Rigidalalp – Brunnihütte Panorama Trail you can enjoy a wonderful winter walk on Engelberg’s sunny side with delightful views of the Titlis and the Hahnen.
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  • Leiterli-Rundweg

    Moderate winter hike at the edge of the Lenk–Betelberg ski resort with spectacular panoramic view of the mountains of the western Bernese Oberland. Also impressive: the bizarre Gryden.
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  • Waldpromenade-Weg

    Feel like a short, easy hike on a sunny plateau? If so, this circuit is made for you. The path leads from the mountain station of the cable car Bettmeralp towards Ried, through the Baderwald and along the forest promenade back to Bettmeralp.
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  • Libi-Winterwanderweg

    Beverin Nature Park is a real winter wonderland. High above the Schamsertal, the Libi Circuit takes winter hikers to the foot of Piz Beverin, which gave its name to the nature park.
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  • Sentiero Pont Nef

    A beautiful, typical southern alpine landscape surrounds the probably most beautiful and varied route in San Bernardino. The panoramic winter hike takes you along the old pass road to Pont Nef.
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  • Sentiero Valle Verzasca

    This route, which follows an easily accessible level footpath, invites you to discover the Valle Verzasca at a time of year when it is least crowded. Walking along the river, among typical stone cottages («rustici»), you will enjoy the peace and quiet of one of Ticino’s most beautiful landscapes.
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  • Weissenstein-Winterwanderung

    Grey below, luminous blue above: it’s time for Mount Weissenstein. Those sick of the fog can enjoy a winter hike on Solothurn’s local mountain, which offers splendid views of the Swiss Plateau to Mount Säntis and Mont Blanc.
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  • Chemin Golf Ballesteros

    Wonderful itinerary on the Severiano Ballesteros Course, a legendary 18-hole golf course where the renowned Omega European Masters are held every year. A very easy walk in an exceptional setting and with a breathtaking view of the Rhône valley.
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  • Pizol-Panoramaweg

    The name already says it all: the Pizol panoramic path captivates with its impressive view in the middle of the UNESCO world heritage site Tectonic Arena Sardona.
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  • Arnisee-Weg

    While you are on this car-free sunny mountain terrace in the canton of Uri, the Lake Arni winter hiking trail is the perfect place to stroll along the lakeside. Winter hikers are enchanted by the breathtaking mountain scenery along this easy and level route.
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  • Hinter-Höhi-Weg

    In summer and autumn, a popular nature paradise, in winter by far the sunniest winter hiking trail – a hike to the Hinter Höhi is well worth it at any time of the year.
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  • Gypsera-Eispaläste-Weg

    Towers, grottos and palaces, just like a faraway land in a fairytale. Yet we are not in the East, but in Schwarzsee in the Fribourg Pre-Alps. This walk will transport both young and old to another world.
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  • Lengmatta-Weg

    Discover the landscape of Davos and the original hamlets of Frauenkirch and Glaris ond this easy winter hiking trail, walking past tipical houses of the Walser.
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  • Rundwanderung Schiben

    Take it easy on the Weissenberge, the sun terrace of the Sernf Valley. This leisurely winter hike to Schiben is a perfect way to enjoy the tranquillity of nature and the views of the Elm mountains and the upper valley.
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  • Chemin des Guedères

    The winter walk in Les Guedères transports you gently into the landscape of the Pre-Alps, through the pastures at the foot of the mountains. The path winds through the forest, with a series of short climbs and flatter areas.
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  • Rundweg Habkern

    A winter hiking paradise around the small mountain farming village of Habkern, at the foot of the Hohgant and Sieben Hengste peaks, where eagles and lynx dwell. This area, also the source of the Emme River, offers a wealth of impressive views.
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  • Selibüel-Winterwanderweg

    This simple circular trail begins at the famous Gurnigel mountain lodge. It explores the area along a well-groomed route, offering fantastic views of the Gantrisch Range peaks with the Nünenenflue, Gantrisch, Bürglen, and Ochse.
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  • Cungieri-Weg

    A paradise for winter walkers: now that the first chair lift in the valley no longer carries skiers up the mountain, absolute silence reigns here in winter, making the view into the valley from the Cungieri viewpoint all the more enjoyable.
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  • Chemin Crans–Aminona

    This walk overlooks the resort and takes you from Crans to Aminona, crossing the bottom of the ski area from west to east. The trail alternates between stretches of forest and open areas, offering an unbeatable view of the Valais Alps.
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  • Chemin Nods–L'Aiguillon

    At the foot of the Chasseral, the summit of which reaches a height of 1,607 m, this pleasant circular winter walk between Nods and l'Aiguillon offers a magnificent view over the plateau and part of the Alps, all in a dream-like natural setting.
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  • Lauenensee-Winterwanderweg

    The mountain village of Lauenen is set between Gstaad and the majestic Wildhorn. From here you walk up to the much-praised Lake Lauenen. This hiking route is renowned for its silence and seclusion.
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  • Fadära-Weg

    The scenery around “Seewis” is charming all year round. The winter is most spectacular in the „Islatal“ where you find a winter wonderland of snow and ice.
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  • Chemin Les Diablerets–Vers l’Eglise

    This winter walk is a chance to explore the charming little village of Vers-l'Eglise. Part of the route follows the «Grande Eau» river, the other takes you up to the hills above the village, offering exceptional views of the Les Diablerets mountains and the village.
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  • Laternliweg Schwägalp

    A must for romantics: The Laternliweg (Lantern Trail) in the Schwägalp nature discovery park leads through a snowy fairy-tale landscape. Over 50 lanterns light the way through the sparkling winter wonderland for a one-of-a-kind experience.
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  • Valünatal-Winterwanderweg

    Leaving from the hamlet of Steg, the trail leads along a mountain river through an idyllic winter landscape with many pine trees up to the open meadows around the Alp Valüna hut.
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  • St.-Antönien-Pany-Weg

    This is probably the most famous and popular winter hiking trail in the entire Prättigau. This wonderful scenic route connects the small villages of St. Antönien and Pany.
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  • Chemin Cry d’Er–Crans

    After reaching Cry d’Er by cable car, this downhill hike takes you to the centre of Crans. The highlights of this hike are undeniably the omnipresent fantastic view and the sunny terraces along the way.
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  • Kemmeriboden-Salwideli-Winterwanderweg

    On the right the rugged Schrattenfluh, on the left the Brienzer Rothorn range – your constant companions on this winter hike. This trail leaves from Kemmeriboden-Bad following the burgeoning Emme and then the Bärselbach to Salwideli.
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  • Rotenflue-Rundweg

    It's always an experience: the might of the Grosser Mythen and the view down to the Schwyz basin and the cantonal capital with its scattered settlements. On the other side, at the far end of the Alptal, you can imagine the ski jumpers of Einsiedeln flying through the air on the horizon.
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  • Seerundweg Schwarzsee

    Surrounded by limestone mountains with sheer faces, the route encircles the romantic Schwarzsee. When the layer of ice is thick enough, you are officially permitted to venture onto the lake. A unique experience for winter walkers!
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  • Edelweiss-Rundweg

    The classic for the whole family: on the way up to the Edelweisshütte, a view all the way to the Dreibündenstein is in store for adults while Brambi the squirrel is there for children on Chur’s home mountain, the Brambrüesch.
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