言語:ドイツ語/カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:1179m プレッティガウ谷の端に位置し、北にそびえるマドリーザホルンがオーストリアとの国境にあたるクロスタースは、ダヴォスに隣接するアルプスのリゾートで、美しい大自然と木造のシャレーが建ち並ぶ素朴な山里の雰囲気が魅力です。 英国のチャールズ皇太子がスキーを楽しみに冬の休暇によく訪れていることでも有名。冬のスキーやソリなどはもちろん、ハイキングや馬車など1年を通して多彩なアクティビティが楽しめます。

ダヴォス・クロスタースカードDavos Klosters Card

クロスタースまたは隣接するダヴォスに1泊以上滞在すれば、お得なゲストカード『ダヴォス・クロスタースカードDavos Klosters Card』が誰でも無料でもらえます。夏期には『ダヴォス・クロスタースインクルーシブ Davos Klosters Inclusive』として、すべての山岳交通(ケーブルカー/ロープウェイ)や村内バス、レーティッシュ鉄道(モンシュタイン=ダヴォス=クロスタース間)が無料で乗り放題になります。そのほか夏ソリやスケートリンク、博物館などの入場料が無料になるほか、各種施設での割引特典もあります。

The Gotschnabahn cable car ferries winter sports fans up into the Davos ski arena. The smaller, sunny Madrisa ski region above Klosters is also suitable for beginner skiers. For off-piste and touring skiers too, the Davos-Klosters region offers attractive conditions. Cross-country skiers will find long trails immediately near Klosters, as well as in the Landwassertal (Davos). Snowboarders prefer the Jakobshorn near Davos.

Non-skiers can avail themselves of winter walking paths, horse-drawn sled rides, toboggan runs and snow-shoe trekking – as well as a wide range of après-ski activities and nightlife venues in Klosters, and especially in nearby Davos.
Expansive rambling area in the Prättigau/Klosters/Davos holiday region with 700 km of trails ranging from footpaths suitable for prams through to demanding mountain hikes. In addition to the nature, rock and forest trails, the energy-encounter trail and a herb garden at at Madrisa above Klosters serve to ensure quite special experiences. Madrisa Land, Alpine adventure park: a world of legends and fairy-tales. Over 90 regional legends and popular tales are depicted in the park, which is also accessible to disabled and visually impaired visitors.

The same network of trails is also available to mountain bikers – the “share the trails” philosophy is put into active practice here. Davos Klosters is among the most attractive mountain-bike destinations in Switzerland. Enduro bikers will be particularly happy trying their hand at the Bahnen tour, for example, an adventure with a total ascent of 10,000 metres.
Cyclists and mountain bikers will find routes of varying degrees of difficulty situated around Klosters. One of the highlights is the Gotschna Freeride Piste: this spectacular roller-coaster for mountain bikers is 6 km long. With over 200 banked curves, jumps and waves, the Freeride Piste goes all the way from the Gotschna middle station down to Klosters.
Nestling in what has remained the rural part of the Prättigau (Graubünden), Klosters, with its romantic village-like atmosphere, stands in stark contrast to the nearby Alpine metropolis of Davos. Thanks to the Vereina tunnel, even the Engadine has now become a direct neighbouring region. Klosters belongs to the family resorts bearing the "Families welcome" quality mark. Children are cared for and supervised professionally in the Pinocchio Children’s Club (July/August & October).


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  • Further information about the Destination Davos Klosters can be found here: https://www.davos.ch/ https://www.klosters.ch/



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