Tschappina is the highest-lying community on the Heinzenberg. The area occupied by the Walser community stretches from the Glaspass (Glass Pass) to the Safien Valley and to the immediate vicinity of Safien Platz.

The widely scattered farms are located at an elevation of 1,400 to 1,850 meters. The sections Innerglas, Ausserglas, Obergmeind, Ober- and Untertschappina are part of the community. Walser people, who migrated from Safien Valley to Heinzenberg, settled the area in the 14th century. Tschappina thus has been part of the German-speaking communities of Canton Graubünden for centuries.

The skiing area Tschappina-Heinzenberg is sunny, snow-assured and family-friendly. It offers twenty-five kilometers of pistes (6 km have artificial snow), 4 ski lifts, 2 children’s ski lifts and magic carpets, restaurants, snowbars, snowsport schools and rental centers. But not only skiers enjoy the world’s most beautiful mountain (according to the 17th century French Duke de Rohan). Winter hikers, toboggan enthusiasts, snowshoe hikers, curling enthusiasts and nature lovers have found the right place here. Any way you look at it: the view is magnificent.
Gentle hills entice one to hike and rest awhile at Heinzenberg. The PostBus brings guests from June to October from Thusis to the Glaspass. Whoever hikes on the Heinzenberg ridge, enjoys a magnificent 360-degree view of Graubünden’s mountain world. The Walser Trail in Graubünden, which leads via the Glaspass to Safien Valley and/or down to Thusis, is also worth discovering. The Heinzenberg mountain lakes guarantee a pleasant cooling off and at Lake Patrutg in Oberurmein rowing boats, rafts and brooks entice young and old water enthusiasts. The Eco Energy Path in Flerden and the Meadow Name Path in Tschappina convey a lot of information worth knowing.


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