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  • Moated castle experience: Bridge Hike

    The area in Brugg where the rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat meet is known as the “moated castle” of Switzerland, a site of national significance. To discover this wetland conservation park, hikers can cross up to eight bridges built in three different centuries on the Bridge Hike, which takes approximately two hours to complete.
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  • From the City to the Hills via the Canyon

    A multifaceted hiking tour: It begins in the heart of Solothurn and takes you through outlying areas to the romantic wilderness of a canyon blessed with a chapel and hermitage, and then on a gentle trail along the foot of the Jurassic Mountains to your destination, Grenchen, the watch city.
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  • Hike around Lake Sarnen

    Nestled in the pre-Alpine landscape of Central Switzerland, Lake Sarnen is the perfect place for a leisurely hike. Sachseln and Giswil lie on the edge of the route. The hike starts and ends in the historic town of Sarnen.
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  • From viewpoint to viewpoint

    The mighty and imposing Sissacher Fluh is the emblem of Sissach, dominating the valley below. The view from the rocky summit is magnificent, extending from the Vosges and the Jura right to the Alps.
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  • Unique moor landscape at Etang de la Gruère

    The highlight of this hike is the nature reserve of Etang de la Gruère, where a path takes you around Switzerland’s largest moor lake, and the acidic boggy soil provides the ideal conditions for unique flora and fauna to thrive.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 23/32

    The route follows paving of the old mule track to the pass of passes. Vast variety of colourful Alpine flora. The striking ventilation plant of the Gotthard road tunnel is like a music pavilion. At pass head, interesting museum on post-coach times.
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  • Suspension bridge near Ernen

    Opened in summer 2015, the “Goms Bridge” is 280 metres long. But there’s much more to this hike than just the tingling sensation you feel as you cross the suspension bridge. It also gives you an insight into Switzerland’s cultural history.
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  • Open Skies on Mont Pélerin

    "Celestial World" is the slogan of Mont Pélerin and indeed, the slogan holds some truth. It is considered one of the best vantage points onto Lake Geneva. The elevator that brings guests up is called "Plein Ciel" (Full Skies) making getting up as easy as pie. Once on top, charming inns that offer lunch and snacks and intact nature make this a perfect experience.
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  • The Panorama Trail above Zurich

    The Üetliberg railway (with regular scheduled trains) takes summiteers to Zurich's "own" mountain, 871 meters high. The high-altitude hike following the train trip is also suitable for families; after visiting the restaurant terrace on the Felsenegg, the gondola lift is waiting to take walkers down to Adliswil, where the S-Bahn (train) runs back towards Zurich.
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  • Discovering Heidi’s world

    You can get to know and experience the famous story of Heidi on a hike in Maienfeld – and even walk along the trail with a buggy while being presented with the story of Heidi in a fun way. An experience for the young – and for the young at heart
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  • Cologny to Hermance

    After a majestic path between fields and vineyards with view of Lake Léman, the small path along the brook of Hermance appears cosy and intimate in comparison. It leads to the small village of Hérmance with its old streets, its harbor, beach and terraces.
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  • A real Weissenstein classic

    This hike up the Weissenstein has it all: romantic old town, idyllic gorges, power spots, views and the satisfaction of conquering a summit. And for the perfect finish: the journey back down is easy on the knees by mountain railway. It is deservedly a classic.
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  • Dent de Vaulion Circular Hike

    Alongside boasting a breathtaking panorama of Lac de Joux and Vallée de Jou, this hike affords unique views across the border to France, and over the Alps and Lake Geneva Region.
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  • Luzerner Kapellenweg

    This trail leads past 17 churches and chapels. These witnesses of the past are strung along the ancient Lucerne - Aarburg route. The openness and breadth of the hilly landscape of Canton Lucerne with Mts. Pilatus, Napf and Menzberg radiates welcome.
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  • Fricktaler Höhenweg

    Fricktaler Höhenweg is 60 kilometres long. Thanks to its excellent country and forest paths and the relatively low elevation gain, it’s also suitable for less experienced hikers. Hiking on the Fricktaler Höhenweg is particularly attractive in spring, when the region’s countless cherry trees are in full blossom.
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  • From the Albis chain of hills to Türlersee lake

    On your hike from the Uetliberg over the hills to the Albis Pass, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive panorama of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich and the Central Swiss Alps. The detour to Türlersee lake at the end is a one-of-a-kind experience.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 22/32

    A stage for railway fans: part of the trail runs right alongside the railway tracks, past Göschenen and Andermatt, which played important roles in Gotthard traffic history. In between the Schöllenenschlucht (gorge), shrouded in myth.
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  • Observation tower in Gempen

    The wooded hills around Liestal, the main town in the Basel region, are ideal for hiking and biking. There are a string of viewpoints along the main valley, and the whole area is covered with a dense network of pleasant trails and paths.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 7/32

    Owing to the lack of suitable trails, Lac de Neuchâtel is crossed by boat. Imposing Mont Vully is visible from afar. Short but steep climb. Wonderful panorama. Through the fertile shoreline forest of Le Chablais to the medieval town of Murten.
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  • Lugano Trekking 2/3, Stage 2/3

    The second stage of the trek is more strenuous: it takes seven hours for the 18 kilometres and 1400 metres of altitude difference. You will be rewarded with the remoteness of the most beautiful summit circuit in the Sottoceneri.
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  • Vue des Alpes circular hike

    Visitors who manage to tear themselves away from the giant 700-metre toboggan run at Vue des Alpes can walk south-westwards across the partially wooded Jura ridge on the saddle of the Tête de Ran.
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