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  • Terrasses de Lavaux

    From St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the vines to Lutry. Indeed, it is on the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces where bon vivants get into top gear.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 2/4

    Steep limestone walls tower imposingly above the scree at Chamoson. Vines grow on the scree, almost baking in the sun. Vétroz is the birthplace of the rare grape variety Amigne. Enchanting vineyard terraces with ancient Suonen (irrigation channels) encircle Sion.
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  • Thurgauer Rebenweg

    This hike with its many views offers a unique view of the Thurtal and the distant Alps throughout its entire length. In this vineyard region, you will hike alongside the well-known Iselisberg to the Kartause Ittingen in Warth, a Carthusian monastery and cultural centre of international importance.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 1/4

    Between Saillon and Martigny you’re in the land of Gamay wine and fascinating contrasts: at your feet the completely cultivated Rhonetal valley, in the distance the glistening snow fields of Mont Blanc. Fully is the capital of the Petite Arvine grape.
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  • Passerelle Farinet

    A great place to discover, bordering between vineyards and the edge of the woods, is the so-called Passerelle à Farinet: A passage leading over the gorge through which the Salentse flows.
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  • Vineyard walks around Aigle

    The wines from the Chablais region enjoy an outstanding reputation. From Aigle, this hike heads northwards into the Yvorne vineyards, continuing on hidden paths past Aigle Castle and Verchiez to the winegrowing village of Ollon.
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  • Zürcher Weinland Weg

    Through the wine country of the river Thur to the sunny slopes of Cholfirst. During this varied hike from the village of Andelfingen to the village of Dachsen, morainic hills with unique views and fertile wine land are discovered on foot.
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  • Aargauer Weinweg

    A hike through the Tafeljura region. The South-facing slopes are perfect for vineyards, the valley floor extends to the North East and the intersection between the Rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat. The Romans first recognised what this area has to offer.
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  • Tössegg-Klettgau-Weg, Stage 2/2

    Focus on wine: From Rüdlingen to Rafz. On the old pilgrim route continue via Dettighofen (GER). Through the beautiful Wangental valley to Bad Osterfingen. Past the Bergtrotte Osterfingen to Wilchingen with magnificent views of Klettgau, Schaffhausen.
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  • Du Cep à la Cime

    Chamoson is situated in a rocky paradise, awesome for its stone landscape and the expanded vineyards. Between villages, vineyards, wood and waterways, the walking «from the Vine to the Peak» is an invitation to the discovery of the cultural and natural heritage of Chamoson.
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  • Sentier historique du Vully

    History, vineyards, fine food: Vully has plenty of attractions. Its historical trail takes visitors on a journey to the very earliest days of French-speaking Switzerland, with superb panoramic views over the Three-Lakes Region, the Jura and the Alps as they walk through the smallest of Switzerland’s wine-growing estates.
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  • Blauburgunderland Panoramaweg

    The hiking trail up in the heights that leads through the heart of Schaffhausen's Blauburgunderland. The route goes along a mountain ridge that extends to the southeast. The focus of this route is the Mediterranean-like views of the vineyards of Blauburgunderland.
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  • Klettgau-Rhein-Weg, Stage 1/2

    In the Blauburgunderland at Hallau, the high-level trail leads over the three-armed Randen hill chain, through extensive forests, along the Swiss-German border. Wonderful views from Randen tower into the neighbouring country and from Randenhaus to the Alps.
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  • Weinwanderung (wine hike) Vully

    Vully, the AOC wine region on the shores of Lake Murten, is a gem that is worth discovering. Savour the view across Lake Murten from the vineyards as you stroll from Switzerland’s longest beach in Salavaux through a number of winemaking villages.
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  • Entre Arve et Lac

    An outing to the magnificent Genevan countryside through the vineyards between the Arve river and the lake. From Hermance, you pass through the villages of Anières, Corsier, Gy, Jussy and Lullier to reach Choulex.
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  • Bielersee Rebenweg

    The northern shores of the Bielersee (Lake Biel) are cultivated to a high degree with vines. The hike along the attractive vineyard path from Biel to La Neuveville grants a comprehensive view of the work of the local vintners.
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  • Sentier des vignes de Aigle à Bex

    Set in this welcoming, sun-drenched part of the Lake Geneva Region, the vineyard trail leading across the terraced plots from Aigle to Bex lets visitors discover the region's top winegrowing sites
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  • The Wines of Southern Ticino

    The theme of this trail is the relationship between viticulture and the earth. Climatic conditions provide the ideal balance of sun and rain to make Mendrisiotto, which is located between the southernmost point of Switzerland and Lake Lugano, an ideal wine region.
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  • Reiatweg

    Switzerland’s northern-most round hike leads through 4 villages of the Thayngen community in canton Schaffhausen. Grill place, restaurants & swimming promise an enjoyable round hike.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 4/4

    A quarter of the Pinot noir produced in the Valais comes from the Leuk, Varen and Salgesch region. Pure paradise for nature lovers with always something new and surprising to discover. Fantastic views from the hill-top church at Varen.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 3/4

    A sea of vines encircles Sion, spilling up to the twin cliffs of Valeria and Tourbillon, both crowned by fortresses. The vineyard terraces are among the steepest in the world. Easy walking trail to Coteaux de Sierre, the largest AOC area in Switzerland.
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  • Weinfelden wine trail

    The wine trail passes through the vineyards of Weinfelden, Boltshausen and Ottoberg. More than 30 information boards along the way share fascinating facts about vines, types of grape, vinification and winegrowers.
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  • Cologny to Hermance

    After a majestic path between fields and vineyards with view of Lake Léman, the small path along the brook of Hermance appears cosy and intimate in comparison. It leads to the small village of Hérmance with its old streets, its harbor, beach and terraces.
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  • Schaffhauser Grenzweg

    The Schaffhausen border trail connects the overwhelming hydro power of the Rhine Falls with the lovingly tended vines of the pretty winegrowing region Wilchingen-Osterfingen. Geology and botany are the focus of this hike.
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  • Rive Droite

    An outing to the magnificent Genevan countryside through the vineyards on the right bank. From Meyrin, you pass through the villages of Bourdigny-Dessous, Choully, Peissy, Russin, Dardagny and Malval to come back to Meyrin.
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