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46 Results found
46 Results found
  • Classic passes of the Vaud Alps

    This loop starts in Aigle and goes in search of the classic passes of the Vaud Alps. The little town of Aigle in Switzerland’s Chablais region is home to the UCI, the International Cycling Union.
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  • Three classic passes

    This loop featuring three major mountain passes starts in Meiringen, the village made famous by the Reichenbach Falls, where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional hero Sherlock Holmes dies – or does he?
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  • 4 Finger Loop by racing bike

    The “Four Valleys Round” forms the basis for all shorter trips on a racing bike in the Gstaad Region – and it can be combined as you wish. Legend has it that God took a break during creation, had a rest and formed the valleys of the Saanenland with his handprint.
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  • Appenzeller Aussichtsroute

    The scenic Appenzell route leads from Heiden through the hilly Appenzell landscapes to the Gallus town of St. Gallen – passing known and lesser known points of interest on the way.
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  • Appenzeller Route

    A circular route through the green hills of the Appenzell region, on the sunny balcony above the Bodensee with typical farmhouses and strong-willed, likeable local people. Far from daily hustle and bustle but never far from a tavern.
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  • Vibrant: Juf

    The ride between Thusis and Juf-Avers is like a demanding journey through time. After the busy traffic around Viamala Gorge, a long, steep ascent takes you to Juf-Avers, the highest (alt. 2126 m) settlement in Switzerland to be inhabited all year round.
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  • Lavaux tour

    Starting at Lutry railway station, this easy loop (310m difference in altitude over 30km) follows the Route de la Corniche. This classic route is popular with the region’s many cyclists.
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  • Emmental

    The Emmental is a region in Canton Bern, home to the famous eponymous cheese with the large holes. Life is a tranquil affair among these hills, which give every appearance of belonging to a different era. By way of discovering them, this short loop chooses roads with little traffic.
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  • Savage: Männlichen

    The dead-end route that leads from Grindelwald to the Männlichen at alt. 2229 m is exhausting, narrow and utterly relentless. Yet awaiting the hardy rider are awe-inspiring views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
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  • Sanetsch pass

    The Sanetsch is the finest pass you have never heard of! At 26km in length and with a difference in altitude of 1690m, the pass road starts in Sion and could be compared to the famous Stelvio, but with less traffic.
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  • Gotthard challenge

    With three legendary passes that regularly feature in the Tour de Suisse, this loop ranks among the great alpine classics. Although just 106km in length, it should not be underestimated: with almost 40km of climbing, it presents a major challenge.
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  • Vaud Jura tour

    As a mountain range, the Swiss Jura tends to play second fiddle to the Alps in terms of cycling appeal. Yet this region between Geneva and Basel is a cyclists’ paradise: numerous relatively quiet roads follow the gentle topography amid pristine landscapes.
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  • Unexpected: The Mauvoisin Dam

    The ascent from Le Châble to the Mauvoisin Dam is rough, twisty and steep – and with no distant views for quite a way. You don’t catch sight of Switzerland’s second-highest dam until right towards the end.
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  • Grosse Scheidegg

    The Jungfrau is not necessarily known as a road cycling destination, but it does offer one of Europe’s finest passes: the Grosse Scheidegg (alt. 1962m).
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  • Canton Fribourg tour

    Bilingual Fribourg was founded by Berthold IV, Duke of Zähringen in 1157. This university town marks the setting-off point for a 97km loop featuring 970m of climbing through the hilly landscape of Canton Fribourg.
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  • Valais Cycling Tour

    740 km, 18,500m of up and down, 25 climbs spread over 10 stages: we present the Valais Cycling Tour. Come and discover the many sides of Valais with this new 7-14 day tour!
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  • In the heart of the Valais

    This 57km loop includes two passes and starts in Martigny, a town with a Roman past located in the French-speaking part of Canton Valais where the Rhone makes a right-angle.
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  • Tour de Gastlosen

    This tour from Saanen leads over quiet country roads and allows you to discover a hidden gem: the Mittelberg Pass. The descent from the Jaun Pass is also worth a detour.
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  • Bernese Jura

    The high points of this outing for well-prepared cyclists are the panoramic view at the top of the Chasseral and the back roads of the Bernese Jura.
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  • Entlebuch

    This loop through the scenic beauty of the Entlebuch region takes you over two relatively unknown passes in the Prealps, the Glaubenberg and the Glaubenbielen.
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  • A loop with a view

    This escapade starting in Villars-Gryon is made up largely of back roads with moderate traffic. It features a breathtaking vantage point with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
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  • Breathtaking: Lake Narèt

    The route from Bignasco (pop: 300) to the source of the Maggia is exhausting; the views, however, are spectacular. The road leads through a dense forest of evergreens and past Lake Sambuco until it reaches Lake Narèt at alt. 2310 m.
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  • The Mittelland

    Challenging cycle rides are not the sole reserve of the Alps. Between the Mittelland region of the country and the Jura, this loop has surprises in store for even the fittest riders.
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  • Varied: Engstlenalp

    The 14 kilometres from Innertkirchen to Engstlenalp are varied and convoluted in terms of scenery: you ride through dense woodland and the Gental, one of Central Switzerland’s remotest valleys. After a gentle finale, the view at the top (alt. 1835 m) reaches as far as the Titlis.
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