Snowshoe trails

163 Results found

163 Results found
163 Results found
  • Grubenberg Trail

    Get away from it all here on this spectacular snowshoe trail to the Grubenberg Hut. This is located high above the lovely Saanenland, at the foot of the bizarre limestone crags of the Gastlosen mountains.
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  • Furggelen-Schneeschuhtrail

    This snowshoe hike crosses remote yet busy areas, overseen in silence by the two Mythen peaks. It's well worth stopping along the way to admire the magnificent views of the Schwyz mountains and landscape.
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  • Parcours du Rotey

    Running either side of the railway, with views over the hamlet of Allières and the mountain pastures of Le Revers, this is a pleasant route in the pure air, both by day and at night.
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  • Aeschiried Trail

    This easy snowshoe trail is suitable for everyone. The short circular route with gentle inclines leads over the high plateau at Aeschiried and reveals views of Lake Thun and the Niederhorn, Niesen and Stockhorn peaks.
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  • Parcours des Vuipeys

    A bucolic route at the foot of the Teysachaux, framed by its two sentinels: the Moléson and the Dent de Lys. Some excellent local produce awaits you in one of the refreshment areas if you want to tempt your taste buds. And for the more adventurous, there’s an adrenaline-filled descent as a bonus!
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  • Höh Trail

    A great combination of easy but still very scenic snow shoe tour is waiting for you. After a on hour hike to the viewpoint on the top of "Höh", snow shoe hikers will be rewarded with the most beautiful panorama of Kandersteg and the mountain range of the UNESCO World heritage site.
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  • Klewenalp–Stockhütte Trail

    Distant views, mountain pastures and winter forests: this scenic snowshoe tour from the Klewenalp to Stockhütte is downhill virtually all the way. Looking uphill you can see the Mythen, Brisen, Schwalmis and other snow-covered Alpine summits.
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  • Percorso Furestin

    A mountainous landscape, an idyllic high moor area, thereafter another challenging ascent and a spectacular descent: the circuit hike of Furestin is quite impressive, taking one through one of the prettiest parts of San Bernardino and continuously rewarding the hiker with new and beautiful views.
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  • Altschen Trail

    You will especially enjoy the Amden winter wonderland on a snowshoeing tour. This shorter Altschen trail is particularly suitable for beginners. It leads through the Arvenwälder and at its end provides the best view of the Leistkamm.
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  • Parcours Col des Etroits–Mont-des-Cerfs

    This trail between the Col des Etroits, Auberson and Mont-des-Cerfs brings you right up close to the region’s unspoilt nature. This magical experience in the heart of the Jura pastures is guaranteed to recharge your batteries.
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  • Chrüzegg Trail

    At the top of Atzmännig, an exciting ridge trail between the Toggenburg and the Zurich Oberland with views over the rolling Alpine foothills awaits snowshoers.
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Gerschnialp

    The Gerschnialp Snowshoe Trail is a wonderful way to explore nature as you wander through the Gerschniwald forest at the foot of the Titlis, leaving your tracks in the fresh powder snow.
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  • Percorso Carì

    Constantly sun-drenched, Carì is the ideal starting point for wonderful rides with snowshoes. In winter, this tiny village in the Leventina valley, situated at an altitude of 1,655 m above sea level, lights up and comes to life.
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  • Brüsti Trail

    Snowshoeing through nature's hushed stillness, under firs laden with fresh snow, in Brüsti near the Chulm mountains. The icing on the cake: a beautiful view stretching far down the Urner Reuss valley.
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Camana

    This charming snowshoe trail passes by idyllic hamlets and the Camana huts, which seem to be strung on a silver thread. The view stretches into the distance throughout the hike: to the striking Piz Beverin peak, the Bruschghorn, the Glas Pass and the far end of the Safien Valley.
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  • Parcours de la Monse

    Close to the village, «La Monse» snowshoe trail is accessible to most people. A short walk with no major difficulties, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the village of Charmey.
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  • Blattenegg–Salwideli Trail

    In addition to a long, sporty tour, snowshoe hikers can also expect the idyllic landscape of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere on this trail. The mountain panorama of the Rothorn chain and the Schrattenfluh as well as the high moor area Salwideli are real highlights for nature enthusiasts.
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  • Parcours La Gouille–Lac Bleu

    Circular walk to the frozen Lac Bleu in the idyllic Val d’Arolla. The lake is situated on a high plateau above the Val d'Arolla, which got his name from the Arolla pine. This snowshoe hike is an enchanting experience of pristine nature in Val d’Hérens.
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  • Parcours Mont-Crosin–Mont-Soleil

    This enjoyable walk along the Mont-Croisin and Mont-Soleil crests will take you between the wind turbines and the solar-power plant, always in sight of the impressive Chasseral massif which dominates the Saint-Imier valley.
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  • Mullern-Fronalp-Trail

    Off the beaten track high above Lake Walen, snowshoe hikers on the Schabzig Mountain Trail in winter enjoy the views of the Linth Plain and the peaks of Glarus.
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  • Parcours de Vounetse–La Scie

    Waymarked path from the exit from the cable car at the top of Vounetse. Admire the Dents Vertes mountain chain on your right as you descend. Take the time to admire the magnificent Gros Brun summit opposite you.
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  • Palpuogna-Schneeschuhtrail

    Snowshoe hike through the winter landscape around the small holiday resort of Preda along old muleteer paths, visit Switzerland’s most beautiful spot, the Lai da Palpuogna, and follow the trail through snowy pine forests.
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  • Unesco-Rundgang

    A snowshoe trail that turns the mountains upside down: the UNESCO tour clearly shows how older rock strata edged their way above younger rocks during the formation of the Alps. Another feature of the Tectonic Arena Sardona is the equally impressive Martinsloch.
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  • Brambrüesch–Pradaschier Trail

    This tour over the Dreibündenstein connects the regions of Chur and Lenzerheide for snowshoe hikers. Great vistas and an optional downhill run experience make them a real insider tip.
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  • Bettmeralp–Riederalp Trail

    It is obvious why this trail is so popular: It is easy, well marked and the 4000-meter peaks of the Valais are always in sight. The peaceful hamlet of Flesch with Valais-style chalets followed by a lovely forest near the Aletschpromenade is also very appealing.
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  • Parcours de La Chia

    The snowshoe trail offers an extraordinary view over the Fribourg Pre-Alps and the Moléson (2,002 m) in the foreground, the Lac de La Gruyère and the Gibloux.
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  • Egg Trail

    The Egg snowshoeing trail leads through snowy forests, wintery Beerenbach, and through a natural landscape that is home to a variety of wild animals. The Glarner Alps provide the imposing backdrop.
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  • Fuchsboden Trail

    Snowshoe hikers on the Untergrenchenberg can expect to be greeted by the splendid panorama with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau summits at its centre.
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  • Parcours Saignelégier–Etang des Royes

    Résumé This snowshoeing excursion almost immediately immerses you in the charming scenery of the Franches-Montagnes. Midway through, you reach the Etang des Royes lake, which is an exceptional natural site with a beautiful clearing. It's ideal if you want to take a short break.
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  • Soldatenhaus Trail

    This snowshoe trail runs from the high Musersbergli station to the panoramic viewing area. This is the starting point for a gentle descent, followed by a steady climb through the forest to the Soldatenhaus (soldier’s chalet) at the foot of the impressive Gastlosen mountains. If you arrive at the right place, at the right time, you can admire the dazzling sun filtering through the «Grossmutterloch» from the trail.
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  • Raten Trail

    Discover the wildly romantic side of winter high above the Ägerital valley on the highest snowshoe trail in the canton of Zug, traverse snow-capped forests, and gaze out on the Säntis from the Central Swiss Alps.
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