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言語:ドイツ語/カントン:オプヴァルデン(OW)/標高:1015m “天使の山”という意味をもつエンゲルベルクは、山に囲まれた谷間に12世紀のベネディクト派修道院を中心に発展した山里。名峰ティトリス山を中心とする一帯は、年間を通してスノースポーツが楽しめるリゾートとしても知られています。


万年雪と氷河が広がるティトリス山への観光拠点として知られており、1年を通して雪が楽しめるリゾートとして人気。山頂に上る途中駅でおりれば、トリュプゼーTrübsee や エングシュテレンゼー Engstelensee などの美しい山上湖、花々が咲く草原など、雄大な自然に恵まれた一帯ではハイキングやマウンテンバイク、スキーなど幅広いアクティビティが楽しめます。

Engelberg is not just a winter resort – it’s a winter paradise. The town offers such a variety of things to do that you will be tempted to extend your stay long enough to try everything. The two sides of the valley couldn’t be more different and they provide pure enjoyment to both athletes and those who like to take it slower.

Engelberg: the largest - and as the locals like to boast – probably also the most beautiful ski area in central Switzerland. Spread over an altitude of 2000 meters, there is room for snowboarding, skiing and sledding, a varied winter program to make your holiday exciting. The long, snowy winter begins as early as October and lasts into May. The 35 km of cross-country ski trails meandering through the lovely Engelberg area make cross-country skiing a fantastic experience!

Fresh wind in your hair, glistening snow and sunshine – this is what you expect from sledding fun in Engelberg. Try one – or all - of the three different sledding runs with a total length of 7 km. On Fridays and Saturdays between Christmas and early March the sledding runs are also open at night for a fast downhill run. If you prefer a more quite pace, explore the area around Engelberg on 53 km sign-posted winter hiking trails.
Faster than ever directly into the eternal ice with the “Titlis Rotair” gondola. Biking, a climbing course or a golf game – Engelberg has a lot to offer for active people.

The multifaceted family activities with the free summer program and the Alpine playground at Ristis make the children’s eyes light up. End the day with a lovely glass of wine or a tasty meal – even gourmets get their money’s worth in Engelberg.

Hiking with views far and wide, breathing in fresh mountain air and the scent of flowers make you feel as good as new and let your senses come alive: 500 km of hiking trails offer everything from leisurely to strenuous routes. There are pleasant places to stop and rest, countless grilling spots and mountain restaurants where you might like to linger.
Families are more than welcome in Engelberg. As a family destination, it has the perfect infrastructure to make everyone feel comfortable.

In the Brunni area, the kids will certainly not be bored, considering the toboggan run, the large playground at Ristis, the Globi treasurer hunt, and the barefoot trail. The exciting Knorrli Trail around Lake Trübsee is a playful way for the whole family to learn and discover what healthy eating means.

Staying just one night is enough for a family to benefit from the summer program with a variety of activities from Monday to Friday.



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