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22 Results Znalezione

22 Results Znalezione
22 Results Znalezione
  • Connoisseur Guillaume’s favourite spots

    In warmer weather, Guillaume heads to the harbour in Neuchâtel. The view of the lake and mountains make Neuchâtel unique. A hot chocolate from Wodey Suchard is enough to entice him out of the house even in pouring rain.
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  • Twierdza Munot i starówka

    Starówka w 171 wykuszami i kunsztownie pomalowanymi fasadami budynków, a wśród nich miejska twierdza, w której strażnik od 1377 roku dba o porządek. Wizyta w Szafuzie to podróż w czasie.
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  • Connoisseur Brigitte’s favourite spots

    Brigitte is Bernese through and through. The perfumer knows not only the secrets of the art of perfume but also almost every corner of Bern – and especially the restaurants and bars of the Swiss capital. Whether street food, farm to table or an aperitif – Brigitte knows where it's most delicious.
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  • Śladami Wilhelma Tella

    Bohater walczący o wolność, Wilhelm Tell. Legenda czy mit? Delektuj się bogatym w historię krajobrazem nad jeziorem Uri: Rütli (kolebka Szwajcarii), kolumna Schillera, kapliczka Wilhelma Tella, pomnik Wilhelma Tella oraz muzeum Wilhelma Tella. Tutaj doświadczysz historii z bliska.
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  • Secret tips from singing cyclist Olivier

    Olivier is a watchmaker and a passionate cyclist. He sings while he cycles. Olivier enjoys Geneva’s compact size as well as its social and cultural mix. He describes the district of Villereuse as a hidden gem with authentic streets and buildings. He is also a fan of Eaux-Vives – mainly for its restaurants and bars.
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  • Eulach tour

    Although Winterthur is also referred to as the Eulachstadt, little can be seen of the city's stream. For the most part the Eulach stream was banished underground - this is exactly where our tour takes you. Does our drinking water also come from the Eulach? Here you will find out.
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  • Running dinner

    Every course in another restaurant - Running dinner is a 3- to 4-course-dinner progressing in different locations all over Zurich.
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  • Artist Michel’s favourite spots

    Michel’s favourite season is spring. He likes the sweet air of spring. Particularly in Fribourg. His favourite spots are Le Belvédère for drinks and the bistros in the old town. His favourite dish is a Swiss classic – fondue.
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  • Culinary tips from Rhine-swimmer Lukas

    Lukas enjoys spending time in the water. The passionate rower also enjoys drinking an aperitif by the Rhine – in Le Rhin Bleu at the Rhybadhüsli public baths. Describing Basel as having the features of both a town and a village with lots of charm, he especially loves the St. Johann district. This area of Basel is a hidden gem.
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  • Friendly Ticino local Ludmilla’s favourite spots

    Lugano’s lakeside location makes the city a charming place to visit in the south of Switzerland. In addition to art and culture, Ludmilla loves Lugano as a food mecca. With specialities to be found at every turn, food is an important part of the culture here. After doing some shopping, she loves stopping in one of the typical bars for a drink with friends.
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  • Food & Wine Tour

    A guided tour through the historical city centre of Lugano during which several stops will be made to enjoy various specialties from Ticino, including our delicious white Merlot.
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