Typowe Szwajcarskie Hotele

Aspen alpine



Szwajcarskie hotele mają swój wyjątkowy styl: wysmakowane połączenie drewna, kamienia. Ciekawe ozdoby i wyposażenie. Gwarancja serwisu na najwyższym poziomie.

Typically Swiss Hotels are:


Thanks to their traditional architecture and typically Swiss ambiance, these lodgings are a haven of comfort. 

Alpinhotel Bort Grindelwald


Typically Swiss Hotels have deep ties with the local area, so guests can get a first-hand glimpse of the region – from hand-made cheeses at the breakfast buffet to locally produced wood in the rooms.

Alpinhotel Bort Grindelwald


In the best tradition, the host will ensure guests receive a warm welcome and personal attention, for a taste of the local charm.

Alpinhotel Bort Grindelwald

Criteria Typically Swiss Hotels

More informations Criteria
  • Attractive location

  • Authentic architectural style

  • Interior design with an authentic Swiss ambience

  • Swiss cuisine

  • Personal service

  • Quality


Count sheep.

Whether in the city or the countryside, Typically Swiss Hotels offer their guests gateways to authentic Swiss experiences. Such as Romantik Hotel Julen, located at the foot of the Matterhorn with its Valais Blacknose sheep.

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