Szwajcarskie hotele historyczne

Flims Waldhaus, Schweizerhof Flims



Wyjątkowe hotele, w których czas się zatrzymał. Oryginalne wyposażenie, dbałość o szczegóły, interesujące lokalizacje. Hotele z duszą i ciekawą historią.

Criteria Swiss Historic Hotels

More informations Criteria
  • Main building more than 30 years old

  • Hospitality business established over a sufficient time span

  • Historic atmosphere and significance of the architecture

  • Rooms, lighting and furnishings primarily based on the historic original

  • Structural modifications respect conservation requirements


Girl power

Without Maria Schmid, the Hotel Ofenhorn in Binn would probably never have survived beyond the Belle Epoque. Thanks to the efforts of other strong women, like Regula Hüppi, it now stands in all its unique historic glory and is a source of constant delight for its guests. The Swiss Heritage Society rates the “Ofenhorn” as one of the most beautiful hotels in Switzerland.

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