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49 Results found
  • Tamina Gorge and Old Bad Pfäfers

    A narrow gorge, only penetrated by a few rays of sunshine at mid-day, a grotto where health seekers bathed, and arguably the most famous natural scientist as first spa physician - this is Bad Pfäfers. Today the Tamina Gorge (approx. 15 minutes from Bad Ragaz) is accessible in a more comfortable way than in the ancient past.
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  • Gorges du Chauderon

    This is a wild and wonderful natural landscape just a few steps from the Old Town of Montreux. The river "La Baye de Montreux" flows in this gorge from the foot of the Rochers-de-Naye into Lake Geneva.
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  • Räbloch

    Unlike the rest of the Emmental, the Räbloch was still covered in ice during the last Ice Age. Nowadays visitors can enjoy a memorable natural spectacle here.
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  • Ruinaulta - Switzerland's Grand Canyon

    10,000 years ago, 10 billion cubic metres of rock thundered into the valley. Known as the Flims Rockslide, this event created the Ruinaulta, a canyon-like gorge in the Anterior Rhine Valley that can be reached on foot, over water, by train or by bike.
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  • Water Path

    Turn off your worries, inhale deeply and enjoy the comforting effect of alpine waters. This theme trail invites hikers to discover at first hand unique water scenery at the end of the Adelboden Valley
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  • Sensegraben and Grasburg

    An exciting hiking tour via the old Sense crossing near the ruin of Grasburg Castle, the largest castle ruin in the Canton of Bern. The tour also takes you to the wonderful vantage points in the Albligen Hills, west of the deeply cut Sensegraben.
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  • The Park of the Breggia Gorge

    The Park, whose area is 1.5 km2, extends along the river of the same name for about 1.5 km; it touches the villages of Balerna, Castel San Pietro, Morbio Inferiore and Morbio Superiore.
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  • Suworow Monument and Schöllenen Gorge

    The path across the Gotthard Pass leads through the dangerous Schöllenen Gorge with its steep walls and wild river. Here the French fought against the Russians over two hundred years ago. The Suworow Monument commemorates the fallen.
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  • Taubenloch gorge

    Taubenlochschlucht (Dovecote Gorge) is one of the most popular hikes in the region. Whether this is because of the romantic surroundings, the pleasant coolness along the way or the fact that it is an easy enough hike for families also to explore the gorge, one thing is certain: The walk from Biel to Frinvillier through the mysterious Taubenlochschlucht remains a magical experience.
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  • Tüfels Gorge

    The entrance to the Tüfels Gorge is in the center of the village. Past large caves and chasms, an easily walkable trail leads in many loops and bends across bridges and footbridges to the Allerheiligen Mountain.
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  • Sihltal - Sihlsprung - Sihlwald

    From the Sihlsprung up to the entrance to metropolitan Zürich, the valley is a mixture of urban and rustic landscapes. The origin of the Sihl River is to be found on the 2283-meter Drusberg. The Sihl flows through the Sihl Lake near Einsiedeln and meanders through the Sihl Valley (Sihltal) towards Zürich.
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  • Roffla Gorge (waterfall)

    Close-up impressions of the Roffla Gorge as you hear the roar of a waterfall and can even make your way beneath the Rhine. The Roffla Gorge is situated in the Beverin Nature Park.
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  • Gorner Gorge

    The Gorner Gorge is one of the most fascinating natural beauties of Zermatt. It lies around 20 walking minutes from the southern end of the village and is easily accessible.
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  • Canyoning in the Malvaglia Valley

    The Malvaglia Valley has several canyoning sites with various levels of difficulty. The upper part has some of Switzerland’s less daunting canyons, which are ideal for trying one’s hand at this sport. The lower part of the Malvaglia Canyon is deep, wet and challenging. Adventure, action and adrenaline are reality here, and not just part of a brochure!
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  • Alpbach Gorge

    The Alpbach Gorge in the Hasli Valley is an unforgettable experience for surefooted mountain hikers. The hiking tour starts in Meiringen at the valley station of the Meiringen-Hasliberg cable cars.
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  • Trümmelbach falls

    Loud thundering and roaring in the interior of the mountain, gurgling, foaming and churning water: these are the Trümmelbach Falls. They are Europe's largest subterranean water falls and are located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, often called the valley of 72 waterfalls.
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  • Clemgia Gorge

    The geological formation in the Clemgia Gorge with its green serpentine interspersions is particularly fascinating. The narrow trail wends its way above the Clemgia up to the end of the gorge, leading alternately through mixed forests and across craggy Bündnerschiefer (slate formations typical of Graubünden).
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