The winegrowing village and former marketplace of Malans is located in the Bündner Herrschaft area, the only continuous winegrowing region in the canton of Graubünden.

The municipality of Malans in the canton of Graubünden lies above the confluence of the Landquart and the Rhine. Together with the little town of Maienfeld and the winegrowing villages of Jenins and Fläsch, it forms part of the Bündner Herrschaft, which is referred to as the “Garden of Graubünden” thanks to its climatic advantages.

Two village fires in particular played a decisive role in the development of Malans' overall appearance. Due to the reconstruction of those sections of the village that had been destroyed, which was completed within a relatively short time, numerous grand 17th century patrician houses are still standing there today, particularly in the centre. In addition to the patrician houses, the municipality also impresses with the star-shaped arrangement of the densely built-up laneways around the centre as well as the large vineyards, which extend into the centre. The hulking walls along the streets, which meander through the vineyard terraces and into the village, are also characteristic of the winegrowing village. In addition, the vineyards and orchards between the built-up areas and the fenced gardens of the houses create a unique, rustic idyll in village. 

The upper side of Malans is home to the Baroque castle complex of Bothmar, with its expansive, multi-part gardens. The castle can be accessed from the “im Bodmer” part of the village. The centre of the complex dates back to the first half of the 16th century, while its current shape comes from the extension built in the early 18th century. Please note that the castle is not open to the public.

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Malans GR
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