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言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ソロトゥルン(SO)/標高:435m ベルンとバーゼルの間、ジュラ山麓でアーレ河畔に位置するソロトゥルン州の州都。ローマ時代に遡る歴史を誇り、中世には自由都市として発展しました。今も旧市街に12〜18世紀の建物が残っています。さまざまな建築様式が混ざっていますが、とくに貴族の邸宅など美しいバロック建築があり、スイスで最も美しいバロック都市としても有名です。面白いのは教会や噴水、塔の数、大聖堂の祭壇や鐘、正面階段の数などが全て11、州としても11番目にスイス連邦に加盟するなど、聖なる数字11の町といわれています。

地方方言でソルドゥルンSoledurnとなまることもあります。フランス語の地名はソリュールSoleure。16〜18世紀にフランスの大使駐在地だったことから「大使の街 Ambassadorenstadt」と呼ばれることもあります。




The culturally rich city has a special charm during the Christmas season. The exhibition of the Solothurn «Ambassador crib», an ensemble of charming crib figures, is a delight to the eye and soul – and the idyllic «Chlausemärt» (St. Nicholas Christmas market) on the downtown cemetery space is yet another great attraction.

Here, on the oldest square of the city, around 70 beautifully decorated stalls sell beautiful Christmas gifts. Culinary delights are also well taken care of, whether with a cup of warming mulled wine or delicious grilled dishes. The Solothurn «Weihnachtsmäret» (Christmas market) takes place on the outskirts of Solothurn.
This is Switzerland’s finest Baroque city with its Old Town alleys, dotted with magnificent buildings, decorative fountains and towers – a delight to explore on leisurely strolls or admire from the atmospheric street cafés.
In Solothurn, the whole family can test their skill and knowledge in five tricky and exciting games.

Bipperlisi Puzzle: On the railway line between Solothurn and Niederbipp, all the family can embark on a journey back in time of the 100-year Bipperlisi, the train connecting Solothurn with Langenthal. During this time travel, the family will have fun solving a variety of puzzles and will help Bipperlisi find something dear that has been lost. At the end, the sleuths will receive a little finder’s reward in Niederbipp. More information

Tim und Lena – a spooky train journey: Aboard the Weissenstein Express from Solothurn to Moutier, the family can solve exciting puzzles to find the letters of the missing word. A small reward awaits those who find the right solution. More information

Drallo 11 Tour: Using GPS coordinates on the free Drallo app, families will be guided through the beautiful Baroque town of Solothurn and discover more about the magic number 11. If the family answers all questions correctly, a surprise lies in store at the end. More information

Detective Trail: Various puzzle spots are located along the entire Detective Trail, which the family must solve using the clues provided. The detectives will find a treasure chest at the end of the trail that can only be opened with a code. If the right code is entered, the whole family wins a prize. More information

Treasure hunt with chocolate fondue: The family can take part in one of four exciting treasure hunts in winter too. Young and old either become detectives or try their hand at being naturalists. At the end, everyone will receive a small gift and a delicious chocolate fondue. More information


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