Chillon Castle is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. The water castle is the most visited historic building in Switzerland. For nearly four centuries Chillon was the residence and profitable toll station of the Counts of Savoy.


The rock island between Lake Geneva and the steep looming mountains was inhabited even in prehistoric times. For hundreds of years the passage of ships on Lake Geneva and the important land route to the St. Bernhard Pass was controlled from this island. Chillon belonged to the Counts of Savoy from the 12th to the 16th century, then the inhabitants of Bern conquered the water castle, and subsequently the inhabitants of Vaud prevailed.

It’s possible to rent the castle for various events. From the Castle, you can reach Montreux (by boat, by bus or on foot), where you can admire ten mile of sheltered bays, bordered with flower-lined promenades, exotic plants and palm trees.

More than 400,000 guests visit Chillon per year. They view the wall paintings from the 14th century, the subterranean vaults, parade halls and the bedroom (which has been preserved in its original form) dating to the time of Bernese rule. The entire complex consists of 25 buildings and three courtyards, protected by two circular walls.

History meets the present

Visitors can choose the option that suits best: individual or group tours, either unaccompanied, guided or with an audioguide. In addition, the audiovisual presentation will provide visitors with even more information about the thousand years of history. They can see eight short films on thirteen terminals located throughout the castle

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Fondation du Château de Chillon
Avenue de Chillon 21
1820 Veytaux

Phone +41 (0)21 966 89 10
Fax +41 (0)21 966 89 12



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Fondation du Château de Chillon
Avenue de Chillon 21
1820 Veytaux
Phone +41 (0)21 966 89 10

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