This centre of the watchmaking industry lies in the heart of the Montagnes neuchâteloises range.
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its exceptional urban development defined by watchmaking, the small industrial town of Le Locle offers some lovely jewels in a familiar, welcoming atmosphere.


Exclusive: a visit to the Zenith Manufacture
Every Friday morning, the prestigious watchmakers open their doors to the public and show the visitors how a luxury watch is manufactured. A unique experience as you venture into a world of expert know-how, precision, and passion. 

Hôtel de ville: nothing short of a work of art 
Situated at the centre of Le Locle, its Town Hall combines different architectural styles in complete harmony. Its broad pediment is adorned with an impressive fresco by Biéler, its windows and its high turret make it a very special and impressive building.

Watchmaking, the number one activity 
Marked by a long watchmaking tradition and the people who formed it, Le Locle is best explored by participating in a guided topical tour. You will have the option of a general introduction to watchmaking, or you attend a workshop where you will be instructed in the assembly of your own watch as you become a watchmaker yourself, naturally with a specialist by your side. The Château des Monts Clock-making Museum, located in an elegant 18th century residence, houses a very fine collection of antique clocks and automatons.

Feel at home 
Le Locle has a relaxed atmosphere which is felt in its casual-style cafés, its market, and its charming guesthouses, like the Maison Dubois, managed by Céline, who will welcome you to one of the oldest watchmaking houses of Switzerland. Or you can stay at the Guesthouse with its unique ambiance created by an enthusiastic couple from Zurich. 

A charming watchmaking museum 
Château des Monts is an elegant manor dating back to the 18th century, now housing a collection of antique pendulum clocks and automata. Tic-tac and jingles resound in the otherwise silent halls and small boudoirs.

Art in the open air
Monumental frescoes or graffiti have long adorned the streets of Le Locle. Every year, this open-air museum is enriched with new works by international street artists who highlight the local heritage.


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