Bird Watching in Switzerland

6 Results Znalezione

6 Results Znalezione
6 Results Znalezione
  • Grande Cariçaie i Champ-Pittet

    Największy podmokły teren nad jeziorem w Szwajcarii i centrum Champ-Pittet należące do organizacji ochrony przyrody Pro Natura. To idealne miejsce na wędrówki szlakami dydaktycznymi i na obserwację zwierząt w rezerwacie przyrodniczym.
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  • Czerwony jeleń

    Red deer, ibex, chamois and marmots abound in Val Trupchun in the Swiss National Park, a paradise for animal watchers. Lucky visitors may also spot bearded vultures or golden eagles. Some 500 red deer live in Val Trupchun during summer; their cries echo through the valley during the September rutting season. Guides accompany guests for 6-7 hours, showing them the animals through a telescope.
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  • Wszyscy na pokład Ekspresu Parc Naziunel

    In the Val Trupchun, in the Engadine region, you will find the Swiss National Park. This place is teeming with unspoiled natural life, wild animals and paths much loved by families. To get to it, there is a little train called the “Express Parc Naziunel”.
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  • Ptaki, kozice i wiele innych na Gemmi

    Guests travel individually from Leukerbad up to the Gemmi (2350 m.a.s.l.) via the Gemmi railway. At 2 pm, they are welcomed at the top by a professional guide who leads them to the amazing animal world of the high Alps. Guests hear many stories about bearded vultures, chamois and other species which they can observe a few steps away on the Gemmi. No registration is needed. The area belongs to the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park.
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