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  • Erlebnisweg Glaspass

    The circular trail brings the history of the Heinzenberg landslides to life. With stunning views of Piz Beverin and the Safien valley, various stops along the way offer insight into a unique landscape that has been shaped by both nature and man.
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  • Wildheupfad

    Rambling through airy fir forests, walking over magic carpets of wild flowers and experiencing ancient haymaking and Alpine traditions at the same time? The wild-haymaking trail on the Rophaien near Flüelen overlooking the emerald green Lake Uri is an ideal hiking destination.
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  • Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine

    Lake Toma is regarded as the source of the Rhine, and this is the only place where the river that traverses four countries can be crossed with one step. The hike starts on the Oberalp Pass and crosses the valley southwards (with almost no variation in height); then it climbs 350m to the enchanted mountain lake.
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  • Terrasses de Lavaux

    From St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the vines to Lutry. Indeed, it is on the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces where bon vivants get into top gear.
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  • Sentiero Cristallina

    The Sentiero Cristallina links Bignasco in Valle Maggia with Airolo in Val Bedretto. Between them lie steep mountain slopes, a waterfall on a village outskirts, crystalline rock, Alpine lakes/reservoirs, idyllic alps and remote hamlets.
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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Gratweg Stoos

    The two Mythen peaks to the right; to the left, first the Riemenstalden valley, then Lake Uri – a succession of sweeping vistas! Chairlift ascent to the Klingenstock and scenic hike to Fronalpstock with panoramic ridge views as well as extensive views from the mountain house. Valley descent to Stoos again via chairlift.
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  • Via Panoramica Val Bregaglia

    A spectacularly scenic high-level trail through the Val Bregaglia. You follow old paths through light mixed forest, over solid granite slabs and always with views of mighty granite spikes touching the sky on the other side of the valley.
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  • Aletsch Panoramaweg

    Three days under the spell of the Valais glacier landscape. Sensational scenic tour with many vantage points onto the two longest glaciers in the Alps. The grey-white of ice and rock contrasting with shades of green in the Aletschwald (forest) provides stunning scenic beauty.
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  • Senda Lais da Macun

    This demanding tour to the Macun Lakes high plateau is an alpine hike through the only enclave (and most recent addition to) the Swiss National Park.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, 4/16

    On the way to the Belchenflue, various buildings and crests serve as reminders of when Switzerland was well fortified in the two world wars. After the hamlet of Bärenwil shortly ahead, head over the Tiefmatt to Roggen. Down below, Balsthal greets you with Neu-Falkenstein Castle and the paper factory.
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  • ViaSbrinz, 4/5

    Across the legendary Grimselpass on the historic mule track, passing some spectacular structures from early trading times. The hike leads through impressive mountain landscape, shaped and milled by the Aare Glacier and now used to produce hydroelectricity.
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  • Alpine Passes Trail, 9/34

    The Val Corno stretching up from Capanna Corno-Gries to the Passo del Corno, is impressive both scenically and geologically, with garnet inclusions in slate on the Gries Pass and the picturesque Griessee lake on the edge of a glacier world. From here, it is a long descent to Goms.
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  • Alpine Panorama Trail, 5/30

    Splendid hike to Lutertannen and over the Risipass vantage point to Stein in Toggenburg. Meadows and Alpine pastures, near-to-nature low-moor marshes and coniferous forests alternate in colourful sequence.
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  • Sentier du Lac de la Gruyère

    A hike downstream in the heart of La Gruyère, which through openings in the undergrowth offers unrivalled views of the Alpine foothills and creeks filled with turquoise water! It's a real pleasure to discover the flora and fauna and heritage of La Gruyère.
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  • Freiburger Voralpenweg, 1/5

    From the art and university city of Fribourg you follow the Galternschlucht (gorge) and a hilly route via St. Ursen (wooden storehouse) and Rechthalten (baroque church) to Plaffeien. Wonderful panorama of high plateaux and Jura.
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  • Muggestutz adventure dwarf trails

    Legends about the Hasli dwarves are deeply embedded in the tradition of the Haslital valley. The undisputed star is the oldest dwarf, Muggestutz, and the adventure trail from the Mägisalp to Bidmi is a way for young and old hikers alike to playfully discover his story in what promises to be an unforgettable experience.
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  • ViaJacobi, 22/33

    The Jakobskirche (St. James’ Church) in Märstetten was first mentioned in 1155 and has a depiction of Judgement Day. Wonderful views above Bollsteg to the Affeltrangen and Tobel areas with Hörnli in the distance.
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  • Freiburger Voralpenweg, 3/5

    Easy hike from the peaceful Schwarzsee lake over over the primeval landscape of the Brecca Schlund (gorge) up to the Euschelspass. On the descent to Jaun: ruins of historic Bellegarde Castle with panorama panels and superb views deep into Gruyère country.
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  • ViaSbrinz, 5/5

    A demanding hike from Goms over the 2479-metre Griespass to Italy’s Val Formazza. A stage with varying Alpine landscapes, characterized by the history of the migrant Walser people and their relationship with their former homeland.
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  • Chemin des Bisses, 3/6

    Nendaz is a paradise for suone (irrigation channel) hikers, with eight suonen (or bisse) it is the largest network still in use. Enjoyable tour from Planchouet to Veysonnaz, through flowery meadows alongside the open channel of the restored Grand Bisse de Vex.
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  • Chemin du Jura bernois

    Surprises: the Tour de Moron built by apprentices as well as renewable energies on Mont Soleil and Mont Crosin; picturesque little towns nesting between scenic heights. And don’t forget to sample spicy Tête de Moine cheese.
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  • Hike to Berggasthaus Äscher

    Nowhere else in Switzerland is the change from the hilly landscape of Central Switzerland to the craggy Alps so abrupt or impressive as in the Alpstein area. Mighty rock formations up to more than 2,500 metres high tower up as if from nowhere.
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  • Le sentier des bouquetins

    In a couple of hours you can discover the Grande Dixence dam, the glittering Lac des Dix, snow-covered peaks, mountain meadows and with a bit of luck a group of ibexes. Now you have deserved a break in the cosy Pra-Fleuri hut!
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  • Jakobsweg Graubünden, 13/20

    Schmelzra and its old furnace ruins follow after S-charl. Then onwards to the turn into the Val Mingèr valley, through the mixed woods along Clemgia, descent through the Clemgia ravine, and on to the Inn district of the resort Scuol. (Previously know as Bad Scuol or Schuls).
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  • Chemin du vignoble, 4/4

    A quarter of the Pinot noir produced in the Valais comes from the Leuk, Varen and Salgesch region. Pure paradise for nature lovers with always something new and surprising to discover. Fantastic views from the hill-top church at Varen.
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  • ViaGottardo, 11/20

    From the pass with its old refuge, the Hospiz, and Totenkappelle (Cemetery Chapel), the section leads to the world-famous Tremolastrasse, which climbs an impressive 340 metres around 24 bends. Once you reach Airolo, the obere Leventina valley awaits with further discoveries.
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  • Panoramic views of Lake Lucerne

    As Switzerland’s most visited mountain, the Rigi has gained international fame. On the often steep descent from Rigi-Kaltbad to Weggis, you can enjoy unparalleled views of Lake Lucerne.
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