Mountain biking

294 Results found

294 Results found
294 Results found
  • Mont de Coeuve Bike

    There is a mountain bikers' paradise for the whole family: the Ajoie. A leisurely bike tour starting in the town of Porrentruy takes you through pleasant rural landscapes.
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  • Lugano Bike, 4/4

    Hidden somewhat between Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema is the Malcantone region. The unspoilt area is ideal for mountain bikers and forms the basis for the fourth stage of the Lugano Bike route.
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  • Lugano Bike

    One of the most attractive single trails in the Ticino winds its way as a high trail around the Val Colla above Lugano and leads through the hilly forests of Malcantone to the imposing Monte Tamaro. A fantastic tour with spectacular panoramic views.
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  • Galmihorn Bike

    Experience nature on a scenic bike tour. Along the way, you will be rewarded again and again with fantastic views into the Blinnen- and Bächi valleys, to Weisshorn and Matterhorn, to Galenstock and down into the Rhone valley.
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  • Valcaus

    In late May and early June, the Seewis meadows from about 1,200 m above sea level and upwards are covered in white daffodils. This route takes you past these beautiful fields of daffodils. In addition, the tour also gives you a splendid panoramic view of the Vorderprättigau region.
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  • Cardada Bike

    An adventurous circuit route in the surroundings of Cardada and Val Resa that starts and finishes in Locarno and presents for most parts a breath-taking view over the Lake Maggiore and the surrounding region.
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  • Unterland Bike

    Discover the multi faceted holiday region of Uri: from islands in the lake of Uri, to Altdorf with its Mediterranean touch, and onwards to great views set in the home of William Tell. This route is also an ideal starting point for other bike routes.
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  • Collina d'Oro Bike

    This tour conjugates sports, culture and natural surroundings in one unique excursion. It departs from an idyllic little lake and passes through the woods of the Collina d'Oro (the Golden Hill). It then reaches another water element, the Lake of Lugano, which is on the other side of the hill.
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  • Pian Cales

    A pleasant ride with a beautiful view on the village of San Bernardino and surroundings, rich with the intense aroma of mountain flowers.
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  • Heidiland Bike

    A scenic and cultural tour under the spell of the Walensee and the impressive Churfirsten peaks. The second part of the route is marked by bold castles and beautiful vineyards. The tour is an excellent choice for spring or autumn.
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  • Churfirsten-Panoramabike

    This challenging and in some places exposed panoramic tour makes a lot of demands on the cyclist and his/her mountain bike. It is completely under the spell of the Churfirsten and Lake Walen and is only recommended for experienced cyclists.
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  • Crap Masegn

    Tour from Falera via the Crap Sogn Gion to the Crap Masegn requiring a high level of stamina. The high altitude part offers profound Insights in to alpine terrain.
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  • Ziteil Bike

    A challenging bike route to the highest place of pilgrimage in Europe. With an energy-sapping climb and a descent demanding a high level of skill, this challenging route delivers a high level of variety.
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  • Valorsch-Tour

    This medium/difficult bike tour takes you through the romantic Valorschtal valley around Schönberg, to the Liechtenstein mountain village of Malbun. This village is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, and was already one of the stages on the Tour de Suisse.
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  • Le Doubs Bike

    A wonderful and sporty trail through the Neuchâtel Mountains: the best way to discover the musts and typical points of view of the area. A chance to admire the beautiful Lake Moron, the Saut-du-Doubs waterfall and Lake Brenets.
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  • Alp Fursch Bike

    An interesting day trip that takes you amid the magnificent mountainous Alpine landscape at the Flumserberg, and that is topped off with an exciting descent through the beautiful Schils Valley.
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  • Lüsis Bike

    A fitness test with a reward: The short but steep cycle tour takes you from Walenstadt to the worthwhile Lüsis vantage point, offering views of almost the entire Lake Walen.
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  • Ochsenalp–Tschiertschen

    Great Alpine route set in wonderful countryside. The tour takes you via the panoramic path Prätschli - Ochsenalp to Tschiertschen. From there you continue via Molinis back to Arosa.
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  • Lugano Bike, 1/4

    City tours are not for mountain bikers – my foot! If the route is properly prepared, it can even be a highlight – as it happened in Lugano with the Lugano Bike route, combining Monte Bar and Monte Tamaro.
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  • Mont Tendre Bike

    The Mont Tendre Bike route is the ideal way to discover everything the Vallée de Joux has to offer. This circular route takes you through the foothills of Mont Tendre, the highest peak of the Swiss Jura, (1,680m), and returns along the south bank of Lac de Joux.
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  • Alta Verzasca Bike

    The upper Verzasca Valley is an almost forgotten corner of Switzerland, but the Ticino couldn’t be more authentic than it is here. The mountain bike is a good choice to explore this remote region.
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  • Val di Campo

    This route is perfect for riders for whom it’s all about mixing a fabulous panorama with a generous helping of isolated, easily rideable natural trails. Cultural curiosity is satisfied by the small town of Poschiavo, starting and finishing point, with its historic centre.
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  • Chrüzegg Route

    This bike route in the middle on Toggenburg is quite challenging, but offers a unique far-reaching view as a reward. Both Lake Zürich and Lake Constance can be seen from the Chrüzegg.
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  • Les Mosses Bike

    An ideal starting point for a mountain bike outing, Col des Mosses and its surrounding landscape offer tracks that are accessible to all levels. For well trained legs but also for amateurs, Col des Mosses offers a network of varied MB circuits.
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  • Capriasca Bike

    This tour is designed to exploit some of the peculiarities that Capriasca offers. The itinerary touches il Motto della Croce, one of the best panoramic views of Lugano. It crosses a varied territory immersed in lush greenery where the works of man mix with those created by nature.
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  • Peil

    A varied round trip into the Vals Peil valley. The trail takes you through the Peil forest and then over sunny mountain pastures on the walk way back to Vals.
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  • Gottardo Bike, 3/3

    A journey of discovery on the western side of the Blenio Valley. Across the wide Nara basin with seemingly endless panoramic views of the Malvaglia Valley. Technically challenging descent through a number of villages, including Selvapiana. Continue via the ruins of Serravalle Castle.
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  • Salginatobelbrücke

    This tour takes us past a ruggedly romantic river landscape to the international historic landmark of the Salginatobel Bridge. The elegant arch bridge spans the Salgina Gorge at a height of more than 90 m.
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  • Giova

    This wonderful bike tour starts in Roveredo. After a short flat stretch you climb through a magnificent forest towards Giova. The downhill runs towards Buseno and then from Castaneda to Grono are challenging, but with a wonderful panorama.
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  • Cuolm Sura

    Longish, varied circular tour around the upper part of the Rhine Gorge, starting and finishing in Ilanz, the first town on the emerging Rhine.
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  • Alp Mora

    Impressive tour overcoming a large difference in altitude from Trin up to the Alp Mora and to the famous glacier mill of the Val Maliens.
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  • Kunkels Bike

    The bike tour over the Kunkels Pass is a real classic and connects the spa town of Bad Ragaz in St. Gallen with Tamins in Grisons. At the same time, you completely circle the well-known Calanda Mountain.
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  • Mürren - Rotstockhütte

    The journey to the Rotstock Hut has all you’d expect from an Alpine trail – not to mention some spectacular panoramic views. The breathtaking backdrop provides the perfect setting to dismount and sit back and enjoy your surroundings.
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