Globetrotter between food and cultures. Yan Luong works in Lausanne – and the world over.



Yan Luong is a food and culture networker, two things that for him are closely connected. “Food promotes dialogue between people of vastly different origins,” he explains. He organises cooking and cultural events and opens pop-up restaurants across the world.


The city is nestled between Lake Geneva and vineyards amid stunning natural surroundings. It is also a magnet for culture vultures, not to mention having been the Olympic capital since 1914.

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Region Jeziora Genewskiego (Vaud)
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Tradition and innovation. Where centuries of culture meet buzzing creativity.


Food as a form of communication.

Food and culture are two things that have always been closely connected in Yan’s view. A Swiss citizen with Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese roots, he spent a large part of his childhood in Switzerland and grew up immersed in his parents’ culture, especially when it came to food. 

Lausanne, Yan Luong

Yan doesn’t just want to connect cultures and people with his cooking and food events – he wants to devote himself to the culture of food. Using an installation by Kunik & de Morsier in Café des Tilleuls, he displays how people cooked over a fire at different points in history and in different places. 

Yan works all over the world – he can be organising a cooking event in London one day and opening a pop-up restaurant in Vietnam the next. But even when he is in Lausanne, he is constantly on the move, working here and there. The entire city is his workplace. 

For example, he is often in Café des Artisans to work or meet those he is collaborating with. The café is for him a prime example of creative urban cuisine that is just waiting to be discovered in Lausanne. “Lausanne is inspiring,” he says. “What’s happening here on the food scene is incredibly exciting.” 

Lausanne, Cafe des Artisans

Compact city.

“The good thing about Lausanne is that it’s compact,” says Yan. The Jetée de la Compagnie is a great place to take a short break and treat yourself to a refreshing dip in summer. 

Relaxing in the nearby natural surroundings.

Lausanne is a place that gives Yan inspiration and where he can recharge his batteries. The lake, nearby mountains of the Les Diablerets region and surrounding vineyards all mean a lot to Yan and are what make Lausanne so special. “Lavaux is the most beautiful place in the world,” he says.

Epesses, Lavaux

The city as a family.

Yan frequently ends his working day with friends in La Grenette. “This is where you encounter people from all walks of life,”  he says of the bistro, which is why he likes it so much. According to him, the great thing about Lausanne is that “it is a welcoming city while boasting the culture of a major metropolis.” 

Lausanne, Yan Luong
Lausanne is my hub and the place I always come back to.
Yan Luong, food and culture networker