450 varieties of cheese, and each one is unique.

Fresh Swiss milk from contented cows grazing on lush meadows: the starting ingredient is the same in every region of Switzerland. But what emerges from it in the dairies could not be richer in variety. There’s the world- famous Emmentaler AOP; spicy Appenzeller®; smooth, soft Vacherin Mont d’Or AOP; tangy cheeses such as Sbrinz AOP; aromatic ones like Le Gruyère AOP; Tête de Moine AOP, which can be shaved into ornate rosettes; plus around another 450 unmistakeably original Swiss cheeses.

Needless to say, a country with such a variety of cheeses offers a great range of cheese-based culinary creations – from the cheese bombs known as Malakoffs to toasted cheese slices and cheesecakes, and from raclette to the famous fondue. For in Switzerland, cheese is not just cheese, but a living slice of popular and gastronomic culture.

A must for cheese lovers is a visit to a weekly market to see the stands of the farmers and cheese makers stacked high with wheels of cheese, many of which have been made in summer pastures.

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