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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine

    Lake Toma is regarded as the source of the Rhine, and this is the only place where the river that traverses four countries can be crossed with one step. The hike starts on the Oberalp Pass and crosses the valley southwards (with almost no variation in height); then it climbs 350m to the enchanted mountain lake.
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  • Erlebnisweg Glaspass

    The circular trail brings the history of the Heinzenberg landslides to life. With stunning views of Piz Beverin and the Safien valley, various stops along the way offer insight into a unique landscape that has been shaped by both nature and man.
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  • Streams and aqueducts in Val Lavizzara

    The village of Fusio is located almost at the very back of the Maggia Valley, at the point where the valley becomes Val Lavizzara. The mountain trail down to Lago di Mognola leads past waterfalls, through forests and across Alpine meadows.
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  • Tour du Lac de Joux

    Featuring three mountain lakes, Nordic landscapes, watchmaking and culinary specialties, Joux Valley has been an attractive region for all lovers of nature and authenticity for many years.
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  • Unobstructed views of Eastern Switzerland

    A children’s paradise can be found at the very back of the Goldinger Valley. Children’s eyes will sparkle as they enjoy the playground and take a fun-filled ride ​through lush, green meadows on the summer toboggan run. This is all framed by a wonderful pre-Alpine landscape.
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  • Höhenweg Maderanertal

    The valley of Maderanertal, world famous due to its natural beauty, opens up in Amsteg and the towering peak of Chli Windgällen and winds itself east ways towards the imposing Huefi glacier, always surrounded by high alpine mountain peaks.
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  • Raiffeisen Skywalk

    At 374 metres, the Skywalk is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian suspension bridges, 58 metres above the Lauitobel Gorge. To avoid crossing the bridge again when returning, you can take the path (signposted “der Pfad”) towards Herrenboden, which focuses on the forces of nature.
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  • Rheinfall-Rundweg

    The Rhine Falls are the centrepiece of this circular hike. It starts from Laufen Castle, towering majestically above the Rhine Falls – unperturbed by the immense force of the waters that rage below it. We descend straight to the water's edge, cross the bridge to the other side and start climbing again opposite the castle.
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  • Hike to Morgenberghorn

    The hike to Morgenberghorn is a rewarding experience for ambitious hikers. Steep in parts, the trail passes by the impressive Pochtenfall waterfall. Anyone who makes it to the peak is rewarded with magnificent 360° panoramic views.
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  • Du Cep à la Cime

    Chamoson is situated in a rocky paradise, awesome for its stone landscape and the expanded vineyards. Between villages, vineyards, wood and waterways, the walking «from the Vine to the Peak» is an invitation to the discovery of the cultural and natural heritage of Chamoson.
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  • Mountain hike deep in the Engelberg Valley

    Almost at the end of the Engelberg Valley, shortly before you reach the Surenen Pass, is the Fürenalp. Here, bizarre rock formations contribute to the strange beauty of this landscape. Majestic peaks surround you, while the rocky face of the Titlis massif rises steeply behind.
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  • Appenzeller Alpenweg

    According to the well-known geologist Albert Heim (1849-1937), the Alpstein is perhaps «the most beautiful mountain range in the world». On this trail you will discover that the alpine landscape located in front of the Alpstein is just as appealing.
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  • Trift Bridge – a spectacular footbridge

    The Trift Bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. At 100m high and 170m long, it is poised above the region of the Trift Glacier, with spectacular views guaranteed for those with a head for heights.
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  • Chemin de Werdtberg et Montagne de Sorvilier

    A hike on one of the most beautiful ridges of the Bernese Jura, starting from the Bas-Vallon. A bumpy and irregular plateau surrounded by a wide belt of forests, the chain of the Montoz is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors.
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  • Niederbauen mountain hike

    Anyone in search of panoramas and lovers of Tritt cheese will be familiar with the ridge of the Niederbauen. From the Hundschopf you get an amazing view of Lake Uri, and an even more inspiring vista awaits you after the steep climb up to the Niederbauen Chulm.
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  • Sentier du Creux du Van

    In the Creux du Van across Lake Neuchâtel, nature presents itself as a giant natural amphitheatre. Admittedly, though, the prime seats in the 160 metre high wall seem to have been reserved for the ibex!
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  • Chemin de la Grande Cariçaie

    Nature and humans live together harmoniously in the Grande Cariçaie on the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The nature reserve, Switzerland's largest lakeside wetland, is home to 800 plant species and over 10,000 animal species, who shape the banks under the friendly gaze of passing hikers.
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  • Uferweg Stein am Rhein

    This circular hike starts in Stein am Rhein and initially follows the left bank of the Rhine via the former Wagenhausen Priory to Heimishofen railway bridge, built in 1875. Hikers return on the opposite bank to the small mediaeval town of Stein am Rhein with its nostalgic ambience.
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  • Weinwanderung (wine hike) Vully

    Vully, the AOC wine region on the shores of Lake Murten, is a gem that is worth discovering. Savour the view across Lake Murten from the vineyards as you stroll from Switzerland’s longest beach in Salavaux through a number of winemaking villages.
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  • Panorama Rundweg Thunersee

    The Lake Thun panorama round trail is an exciting and enjoyable, several-day hike through the Bernese Oberland with majestic lake and mountain panoramas, passing historic sites and impressive caves.
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  • Zürichsee-Rundweg

    The landscape surrounding Lake Zurich is not only one of the world’s most prestigious areas to dwell, but in addition a greatly contrasting hikers’ paradise that cradles a multitude of pleasant surprises.
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  • Sentier de la crête du Moléson

    A different way of climbing the summit of the Moléson, this walk passes through the mountain pastures typical of Fribourg’s cultural landscape. It offers a fine opportunity for walkers to admire the centuries-old work of the «armaillis».
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