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The city of Zug, well-known for its low taxes and because it is the seat of numerous companies, was founded by the Kyburgers. Zyt Tower, which offers a magnificent view of the Old Town, the Zug Mountain and Lake Zug, is the city's landmark.

The Counts of Kyburg are said to have founded the city at the beginning of the 13th century. The 52-meter-high Zyt Tower dates back to the same era. It was first built as a simple wall entrance to the Old Town and in the course of the centuries it was built higher and received additional structures, until it finally reached its present form, complete with bay windows and a steep hipped roof. In 1574 the large clock was built, which gives the tower its name. Below this main clock there is an astronomical clock with four hands, which indicate the week, the phase of the moon, the month and the leap year.

The Late Gothic town hall, built in 1505, and the church of St. Oswald, which belongs to the same epoch, are located in the Old Town itself.

Even the residents of Zug never tire of the sunsets: when the sun goes down over the lake, the horizon goes blood-red, and all eyes turn to the romantic show of colour on the water. Equally charming is the historic centre of the town, best experienced by strolling its narrow and winding alleys, lingering on the pretty lakeshore and sitting at one of the many street cafés to watch the world go by.


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  • The city of Zug has a delightful ancient quarter, the Old Town. What is more, it is nestled between the lake shore and its very own mountain, the Zugerberg. But it is much more than a beautiful city; it is an economic centre with provides many people with work. Zug is the real motor of the area. It is also renowned for its spectacular sunsets with its hues of red, orange and yellow, and all reflected in the lake. You cannot fail to agree that Zug is a place worth living in. Further Information (Forwarding Zug Tourism)


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