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33 Results found
33 Results found
  • アレッチ地方

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  • Braunwald

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  • Flims

    言語:ドイツ語・ロマンシュ語/カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:1081m 約1万年前の山崩れで形成された段丘にあるフリムスは、深い森と美しい湖が特徴の静かな山里。19世紀にヴァルトハウスの保養所ができて観光が発展していきました。現在では隣接するラークス、ファレーラとあわせて広大なゲレンデを誇るスノーリゾートとして世界的に知られており、Xboxの人気スノーボードゲームの舞台になったほどです。 冬の雪景色も雄大ですが、春から秋には宝石のような青緑の色をたたえるカウマ湖や “スイスのグランドキャニオン”といわれる石灰岩の雄大なライン峡谷など、より魅力的な大自然を満喫できるでしょう。モダンな建築のアートセンター、郷土博物館(ラークス)、巨石遺跡(ファレーラ)など文化的な見どころも豊富です。
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  • Kerenzerberg

    From spring through to autumn, the sports runs and tracks make accessible a wonderful walking area, with walking trails and hikes the extend right up to an Alpine altitude. The pistes are groomed and a small, family-friendly skiing area becomes available once the first winter snowfalls have settled.
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  • Bad Zurzach

    The small spa town of Bad Zurzach is located in the picturesque Rhine landscape of Canton Aargau, which is dotted with spa resorts. The waterways and Saint Verena have shaped the resort town. Today the thermal baths, hiking and biking trails and the charming village center are major attractions.
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  • St-Gingolph

    This village, a hop and a skip from the Franco-Swiss border and perched on the south bank of Lake Geneva, boasts the longest beach on the lake (8 km).
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  • Brontallo

    Thanks to projects to enhance the landscape and regional development, Brontallo today shines in all its glory; welcoming visitors to authentic beauty, charm, culture and an overall enchanting landscape.
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  • Indemini

    In Indemini, the houses are all built of local grey gneiss rock, with slate roofs and wooden outbuildings. This typical Ticino village with its twisty alleyways is in a quiet, almost lonely location behind the hills of the Gambarogno south of Lake Maggiore.
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  • Rasa

    The small Ticinese mountain village, located in Centovalli Valley, is part of the municipality of Centovalli.
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  • Verbier

    イタリア、フランスの国境に近いスイスの西南部に位置する山岳リゾート。山麓の村ル・シャーブルLe Châble からケーブル、またはマルティニーからポストバスで結びます。約100基のリフトやゴンドラが谷をつなぐ広大なスキーエリア「カトル・ヴァレー 4 Vallées(4つの谷)」で知られるウインタースポーツのメッカです。
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  • レ・ディアブルレ Les Diablerets

    言語:フランス語 |カントン:ヴォー(VD) | 標高:1163 m 焦茶色の木造シャレーが立ち並ぶヴォー州アルプスの素朴な山村。氷河が連なる氷原「グレッシャー3000」の拠点として知られています。 “レ・ディアブルレ(小悪魔達)という地名は、村の奥の山上に広がる氷河の岩石で悪魔たちがゲームを楽しんだという伝説に由来するもの。そそりたつ岩山や緑の牧草地と森が続くなだらかな山、そして万年雪と氷河など、豊かな自然に恵まれており、ハイキング、サイクリング、パラグライダー、クライミングなど、年間を通して、多彩なアクティビティが楽しめます。
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  • Bourg-St-Pierre

    The gateway to Italy, the village of Bourg-St-Pierre is bursting with history and charm, from its ancient buildings to its newly restored mill and the legacies left by former travellers.
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  • Glarus

    Glarus, the smallest canton capital in Switzerland, nestles between mountains at the foot of the Glärnisch ridge. The mountain canton of the same name looks back over a long industrial history. Walkers, mountain climbers, cyclists and amateur geologists will discover a varied holiday region with plenty of interesting excursions.
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  • Giswil

    In the middle of a large recreational area with lake, forests, Alps and mountains, you will find Giswil.
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  • Kaiserstuhl

    Little is known about the origins of the settlement on the southern bridgehead of the Rhine crossing at Rötteln (Rotwasserstelz) Castle. The first recorded mention of Keiserstuol dates back to 1227,
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  • Falera

    Falera is the oldest municipality in the destination of Flims Laax Falera and the smallest in terms of area. Thanks to its altitude it offers a clear and unique view over the Rhine Valley to Chur and from the Lugnez towards Obersaxen.
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  • Grimentz

    A stroll through this village is the highlight of any visit to the Val d'Anniviers. The narrow, pedestrianised main street is lined with sun-blackened wooden houses adorned with hundreds of fiery red geraniums. In the cellar of the Burgher House, a white glacier wine is aged in the “Tonneau de l'Evêque” cask.
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  • St-Luc

    St-Luc and Chandolin are situated on the sunny eastern slope of the Val d'Anniviers (Eifischtal) and enjoy a majestic panorama. Spectacular scenery, attractive walking country and the ultra-modern astronomical observatory will keep boredom at bay.
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  • Stechelberg

    Profound encounter with nature and purely idyllic. The idyllic mountain village (922 m) lies at the entrance to the upper Lauterbrunnen valley.
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  • Rothwald

    The water melts from our glaciers and after a long journey through layers of granite emerges pure and fresh from our faucets. In the hiking-paradise Rothwald and Rosswald is where the water is traveling through the said layers right now.
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  • La Fouly

    La Fouly has everything: alpine scenery, mountain ranges, unspoilt nature and the restful atmosphere of a small, attractive locale.
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  • バーデン Baden

    チューリヒから流れるリマット川沿いにある古都。複数の温泉(バード Bad)を意味する地名の通り、紀元前からその効能で知られる名湯の地です。近世には産業都市として栄え、豊かな文化が華開いた都市でもあります。
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  • Champoussin

    This Valaisan village, built in the architectural style typical of the Val d'Illiez, will enchant you with its rustic authenticity. The resort is situated at an altitude of 1'600 m in the shadow of the majestic Dents du Midi Mountains.
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  • Solothurn

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:ソロトゥルン(SO)/標高:435m ベルンとバーゼルの間、ジュラ山麓でアーレ河畔に位置するソロトゥルン州の州都。ローマ時代に遡る歴史を誇り、中世には自由都市として発展しました。今も旧市街に12〜18世紀の建物が残っています。さまざまな建築様式が混ざっていますが、とくに貴族の邸宅など美しいバロック建築があり、スイスで最も美しいバロック都市としても有名です。面白いのは教会や噴水、塔の数、大聖堂の祭壇や鐘、正面階段の数などが全て11、州としても11番目にスイス連邦に加盟するなど、聖なる数字11の町といわれています。
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  • Brugg AG

    The pretty little town of Brugg and the commune of Windisch are located in the heart of the canton of Aargau, 30 km from Zurich at the confluence of three rivers: the Reuss, Limmat and Aare.
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  • Klingnau

    Even small towns have a lot to offer. The historical town of Klingnau is home to many a fine wine grown in the vineyards on the far side of the old town, while its reservoir and nature reserve attract guests from around the world every year.
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  • Poschiavo

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  • Champex-Lac

    Known by nature lovers as ‘little Canada’, this picturesque village is coiled around a breathtaking alpine lake. Between Le Châtelet and Le Catogne, a magnificent plateau with all its natural beauty intact extends a warm welcome to its guests.
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  • Zinal

    The Valais holiday resort of Zinal is situated at an altitude of 1670 m at the end of the Val d'Anniviers (Eifischtal) where it becomes the Zinal Valley. It nestles amidst this majestic mountain landscape crowned by the 4000-metre-peaks of the Weisshorn,Bishorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche.
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  • Olten

    The small town of Olten lies between Solothurn and Aarau at the southern foot of the Jura on the river Aare. Thanks to its central location in the Swiss Mittelland, the town is a popular venue for conventions and meetings. The unspoiled nature of the nearby Jura heights however also makes the area an attractive leisure region.
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  • Saas-Almagell

    Saas-Almagell is the “Mountain Village Pearl”. Up high where the air is clear, it offers cosy hospitality and breathtaking mountain scenery. A holiday here will get you away from the hustle and bustle but you won’t be bored for a second.
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  • Gimmelwald

    The arrival alone is spectacular – a cable-car takes you high over the rocks to Gimmelwald (1400 m).
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  • Soglio

    言語:イタリア語/カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:1090m マローヤ峠からイタリアのキアヴェンナまで約1500mの標高差を下りながらのびるブレガリア谷の奥。少し高台にあるかわいい村は、セガンティーニやヘッセ、リルケなどが愛した美しい隠れ里です。険しい山々と緑あざやかな牧草地の間に石の屋根と煙突が特徴的な家々が並ぶ小さな村は歩いて約10分でまわれるほどコンパクト。現在ホテル・レストランになっている「パラッツォ・サリスPalazzo Salis」は、17世紀頃の装飾が残る貴重な歴史遺産で、各国から植物を集めてきたといわれる庭園でも知られています。
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